Wheelchairs for tall people

Are you a tall heightened guy looking for a durable, reliable, and comfortable wheelchair but having trouble finding the required wheelchair?

If yes, then read this article in detail as we’ll be discussing different types of wheelchair,

tips for selection, top of line four wheelchairs, and the safety tips for the use of wheelchairs.

Wheel Chair – A Brief Guide

A wheelchair is used by those facing difficulty in walking, which could be due to any kind of disability or age factor or health condition.

It helps the disabled person in moving from one place to another by acting as a support.

Wheelchairs present improved mobility and freedom for the user and their caretaker,

enabling them to take part in routine activities, despite having reduced mobility.

As well as helping you go about everyday activities with ease, a wheelchair offers many social and mental health benefits.

Wheelchairs come in different types, which are explained below.

Types of Wheel Chairs

In fact, there are two types of wheelchairs based on their functionality:


Manual wheelchairs are wheeled chairs that are operated by the user’s hand or force to maneuver or pushed by someone by grabbing the handles located at the backrest.

However, self-driven may cause fatigue, or you would need an assistant.

Folding chairs could be carried in a car.

It varies in size & weight; if you are young & energetic and want to keep your arms in exercising mode,

then along with other assessments, you might want to go for the manual option as this would be powered by your arms for the movement.

Powered/Automated (Semi or Full)

Powered Wheelchairs or electric or battery-operated provide more independence to the user.

However, due to the battery or motor, they are slightly heavier than the manual chairs.

It also varies in size & weight but comes up with additional features that suit the specific health conditions with specialized seating flexibility and enhanced individual controls.

Other comparable items have a difference in weight, seat size, and leg/footrest variation.

Below are some other types of wheelchairs:

  • Pediatric Wheelchairs; as the name explains, the size is smaller, also have styles for kids to have some additional devices for fun, etc.
  • Positioning Wheelchairs; it has the features of providing more comfort to the users with space, maneuvering, and self repositioning, which more health-friendly.
  • Sports Wheelchairs; designed for various sports with respective safety protections, mostly available in manual features.
  • All-Terrain Wheelchairs; heavy-duty chairs but amazingly but provide more freedom of movement & featured to tread over uneven or any minor obstacles which other wheelchairs do not possess.
  • Standing Power Wheelchairs; this impressive technology provides more flexibility to the user to conveniently stand, navigate, reach items and socializing opportunities, etc.

How to select a wheelchair

Don’t just hurry to buy any wheelchair!

You are going to choose a life partner in case of a permanent disability or if it’s for temporary use;

even then, select the right equipment that fits your needs or at least closer.

A careful selection of wheelchairs will make your life easier. Below are some of the useful tips

  • Assess your specific health condition
  • List down your requirements, including indoor & outdoor activities. Routine & non-routine activities.
  • Your budget.
  • Which activities or tasks cannot be compromised?
  • Surface (even, uneven, carpeted, tiled, rain, snow, etc.) where this shall be mostly used.
  • Imagine your dining area, kitchen & refrigerator access
  • Review your home design, doors size, galleries, stairs, lift/elevator options
  • Your bedrooms, bed height, washroom access, etc.
  • Socializing activities
  • Sports
  • Your work area access & maneuvering through workstations etc.
  • Your driving skills and vehicle space to carry a wheelchair. Easy folding or handling.
  • Hygiene & Safety features
  • Good padding at necessary points
  • Easy maneuvering
  • Comfortable seating with your height & weight that provide leg, foot & arm relief.
  • Weight of chair – easy to handle
  • Emergency handling
  • Absorbing shocks
  • Alarms/warning sound
  • Durability, warranties, etc.
  • Maintenance fee or check the parts availability.
  • Check the tires/wheels on top priority as these are going to be your legs.
  • Ergonomic and customized wheelchairs include a host of various design elements to make extended sitting as comfortable as possible, with tilt-in-space and reclining functions.

Need To Know

After you have evaluated your requirements as mentioned above, the next thing you need to know is what is available in the market?

Which means what types of wheelchairs are there?

We will briefly discuss the types of wheelchairs and features then mention top of the line product.

We hope this information will guide in making the right decision.

Wheelchair users face a range of challenges, such as to move freely, transportation,

comfort, and boundaries on the places they can travel if they don’t have the right device.

Some common complexities consist of tight spaces, rough or uneven landscape, slopes and inclines that can make it possible for the chair to fall.

Different types of wheelchairs with various functions & controls are available;

you need to select the right wheelchair that fits your precise health conditions and feature requirements to meet your routine tasks.

Stylish Ultralight Extra Wide Adult Wheelchair

If a budget-friendly and lightweight wheelchair is your priority, then this stylish ultralight extra-wide adult wheelchair is for you.

The wheelchair is as light as 34 pounds.

The lightweight of this wheelchair allows you to carry and port it from one place to another.

The best part of the wheelchair is that it is durable and long-lasting.

The carbon and steel frame makes it elegant and long-lasting.

The frame makes maintenance and cleaning of the wheelchair very easy.

It also comes with a removable leg rest, so you can remove it in case it is not needed.

For a tall guy, you can remove the footrest.

The footrest adds comfort to the user as it is padded, which makes it very soft.

The footplates are moveable, so you can set them accordingly.

The facility of adjusting seat and back height makes it perfect for tall people.

It allows you to set the seat and back according to your requirements.

The back pocket of this wheelchair is made up of nylon,

which allows the user to keep anything he wants to carry with him, like water bottles, important documents, etc.

It offers its users a limited lifetime warranty for cross braces and the side carbon frame so that you can purchase it with confidence.

This wheelchair has a loading capacity of 250 pounds and meets all the medical requirements.

The seat of this wheelchair has a decent size of 20 inches.

The armrest of the wheelchair is 25 inches long, while the outside wheel assembly is 27 inches.


 Medline Excel Bariatric Wheelchair

This high-quality wheelchair is ideal to tall and obese people with dimensions of 32.6 inches in width, 36.5 inches high, and 32 inches in length dimensions.

It can bear a weight of 500 pounds. The seat is 24 inches wide and 18 inches deep.

It allows you to sit comfortably. The detachable armrests and footrests allow you to customize the wheelchair according to your need.

If you are a tall person, you can remove the footrest, and if you are an obese person, you can detach the armrest.

It is a durable wheelchair with a carbon steel frame allowing easy cleaning and maintenance.

Rust and chip-resistant quality allow you to carry it even if it is raining.

One of the unique and best quality is that it be moved easily from narrow paths because it can get folded.

The smooth and strong wheels allow you to use them on most kinds of surfaces like grass, marble, roads, etc.

It provides its users with complete safety and protection.

The brakes of the wheelchair are efficient and accurate.

Therefore whenever you apply the brakes, it stops immediately without causing jerks.


NOVA Lightweight Transport Chair

This sturdy wheelchair has a compact design, and it is super lightweight, making it easy to maneuver.

In addition to that, it is foldable, so it doesn’t take much space in your car, making it easy for you to take it with you while traveling.

This chair comes with several safety features to ensure the user is always safe and secure.

It’s equipped with NOVA’s patented locking hand brakes, which lets the user control the speed.

It also comes with removable anti-trippers and secondary wheel locks as well for safety purposes.

Comes with four wheels; the front wheels are smaller than the rear wheels.

The rear wheels are 12 inches, which helps you to easily take it anywhere.

The chair has an adjustable seatbelt that you can adjust up to 41 inches.

The arms are padded and can be detached, which allows easy transfer of the user to the bed or car.

In addition, the footrests are also removable and can be locked back in place quickly and conveniently.

There is also a small storage pouch on the chair measuring “W: 9 x H: 6.25 inches.”

This heavy-duty wheelchair weighs 27 lb and has a capacity of 300 lb.

It measures “W: 18.5 x D: 15.75 inches” and has a seat height of 20 inches.

The back height from the seat measures 17.75 inches, while the arm height from the seat is 10.5 inches.


Drive Medical Cruiser Wheelchair

This durable chair is pretty well made. It is crafted of solid carbon steel frame and has a silver vein finish.

In addition, the upholstery is made of nylon which is not only durable and long-lasting but also provides comfort.

It is pretty easy to clean and comes with padded arms to offer added comfort.

It comes with extendable upholstery and has built-in seat rail extensions, which allow the users in changing the depth of the seat from 16 to 18 inches.

Moreover, it has a dual axel that helps in adjusting the seat height to semi level.

The seat is 20 inches wide, so the user can sit on it comfortably, and it is 18 inches high.

The chair has mag style wheels, and the front wheels are pretty smaller than the rear wheels.

The front wheels are 8 inches and can be adjusted in three positions.

There are precision wheel bearings on the front and back, which help in providing long-lasting performance.

For security purposes, the wheels are equipped with locks.



A wheelchair is one of the most important things in the life of a paralyzed and disabled person who cannot walk normally.

It allows a disabled person to maneuver swiftly from one place to another so you can carry your daily routines with ease.

There are different wheelchairs available in the market so you need to choose them wisely.

The best wheelchair is durable, user-friendly, and comfortable.

In this article we have included one of the best and top-rated wheelchairs for tall people,

to make your decision process simple and easy.

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