Top 600lb bathroom scales

If you are among those people who weigh over 500lb then you must know how hard it is to find 600lb bathroom scales.

Most bathroom scales that are available in the market cap at around 400lb so anyone over that weight struggles to get a bathroom scale that can give them an accurate reading of their weight.

A bathroom scale is basically a machine that is used to calculate the weight of something.

It can be used to check your body weight or it can be used in industries where the weight of different products can be measured with it.

You can use a bathroom scale to keep track of your weight, especially if you are on a weight loss journey.

It is recommended to use the bathroom scale regularly and consistently so that you can get accurate and reliable readings,

because the numbers can change daily depending upon various factors.

Bathroom scales are available in many types such as mechanical, digital, analyzer, and smart scales,

among which mechanical and digital scales are the ones commonly used at homes.

The first-ever arm scale was invented in 5000 BC,

which was mainly used to check the weight of commodities at that time.

In the early 1600s, the first personal weighing machine was made, which had a suspended chair with it.

Anyone who wanted to check their weight had to sit on the chair and get the reading.

Later in 1886, the weight machine was invented, which was coin-operated.

Then in the early 1900s, mechanical bathroom scales began to gain popularity.

Digital scales were introduced in 1970. In 1992 the first consumer-grade bathroom scale was created.

2008 was the year when smart bathroom scales were made;

these scales could transfer the data to a computer so people can keep a record of their weight and have a look at it whenever they want.

Analyzer scales were made available for public use in 2011,

which even allowed the people to transfer the data to their phone so their weight can be easily tracked.

The scales that are available in the market have different capacities;

however, to get an accurate reading for anyone who is over 300lb, it is important to get a reliable scale.

Since the bathroom scale is something you would frequently be using,

there are some things you need to consider before buying it,

so you don’t end up getting the one that doesn’t serve its purpose properly.

This article will provide you a detailed insight into the factors that you need to consider account while buying a bathroom scale.

It will also provide you some recommendations about the top 600lb bathroom scales that you can buy so keep reading!

How to use a 600lb bathroom scale

Before purchasing any device it is important to learn how to use it so you can determine whether it is something you can do or not so let’s first take a look at how to use a 600lb bathroom scale.

The first step is to calibrate the bathroom scale.

This is done to ensure that the reading you get is accurate and reliable.

To calibrate a digital scale, place it on a hard, flat surface because digital scales do not work on carpets.

Press on the platform of the scale with one foot until you see numbers on the display.

Once zero or dashes appear you can remove your foot. Let the scale turn off again.

Your scale is now calibrated. Step on it and check your weight.

Remember to calibrate your bathroom scale every time you move it.

If you want an accurate result, stand still, and look straight ahead. Count to 3 before stepping off.

What is a digital scale

Although 600lb bathroom scales are not easily available,

still you will be able to find a few options but these scales will not be analog.

You will only find digital scales in 600lb. So let’s see what a digital scale is.

Digital scales are commonly used in homes because they are quite easy to read and give precise readings as compared to the analog scale.

they are about 10-15 times more accurate than a mechanical one.

Digital bathroom scales have an LCD screen that shows the weight in digits in big bold numbers so anyone can easily read it.

You can also choose units of weight such as lb, kg, or st. depending upon your preference.

Some digital scales also allow you to make a comparison between your previous weight and current weight so you can see how much your weight has increased or decreased.

However digital scales can only be used to measure the weight of the body.

you cannot use them to check the weight of other things.

So you need a bathroom scale that you can use daily to check your body weight all you need is a digital scale.

Features to look for while buying a bathroom scale

You need to look for certain qualities before choosing the weight machine so that you can fully utilize it.

Buying a low quality and useless machine will cause regret and is a waste of money.

Below are the helpful techniques for buying the best  bathroom scale  that fulfills your purpose:


It is one of the most important feature that needs to be looked at before buying the bathroom scale.  With the building of the bathroom scale, it is meant the structure of the bathroom scale which includes glass, platform, etc.

If the top of the bathroom scale is made up of high-quality tempered glass then it is expected to last longer.

Tempered glass is a strong glass that does not break or crack easily.

You need to buy a scale that has top quality stainless steel platform and structure that is fingerprint resistive.

With fingerprint resistance feature it is easy to maintain and keep the bathroom scale clean.

Stainless steel structure also makes it durable and long-lasting.


A platform of the bathroom scale refers to the place where you stand or sit to check and monitor your weight.

Choosing the weight machine that has a wide and strong platform is necessary and important.

The wide platform allows an obese person to stand properly for monitoring the weight.

It provides sufficient space to you required for checking your weight.

The second most important thing is how strong and durable the platform is.

The durable and strong structure makes the bathroom scale ideal for obese people weighing 500 pounds or more.


Capacity is the maximum limit of weight a bathroom scale can bear.

It is also the limit of weight which the bathroom scale can show.

If you are an obese person weighing above 500 pounds then you need to buy a heavyweight bathroom scale having a capacity greater than 500 pounds.

Above 600 pounds bathroom scales are very rare in the market but there are plenty of bathroom scales having a capacity greater than 500 pounds.

If you are a skinny guy then you don’t need a heavy-duty weight machine.

In that case, you need to look for machines that have a capacity of around 250 pounds.


An LCD is the part of the bathroom scale where your weight is displayed to you.

You need to look for the scale that has an LCD which gives a clear view of the weight.

LCD that comes with light is recommended because it allows its users to view their weight clearly in dark environments.

LCDs with high-quality glass covering and light make them long-lasting and durable.

Top 600lb bathroom scales

Bathroom scales having a capacity of 600lb or more are very rare in the market.

Below are the two top of the line 600lb bathroom scales:

My Weigh Bathroom Scale

This bathroom scale is one of the finest bathroom scale which is well known for its precise and accurate results.

The strong structure of this weighing machines makes it durable and long-lasting.

It is designed with a wider platform so that an obese person weighing 600 pounds or more can stand easily.

The grippy surface of the platform allows the user to stand firmly and prevents from slipping down.

The best part of this machine is that it portrays your weight clearly on the LCD screen in numeric form.

It displays your weight in different forms such as pounds, kgs, etc.

One of the unique feature of this machine is that along with displaying your weight on screen it also speaks it out loudly and clearly.

This feature allows people to check their weight easily having poor eyesight and struggle to get down to see on the screen.

The weighing capacity of this machine is 700 pounds which is very rare in the market.

My weight bathroom scale has made it easy for obese people to check and monitor their weight.

My Weigh bathroom scale has an elegant and sleek design that does not look bad and awful with your bathroom,

unlike the typical doctors weighing machine that looks a complete mismatch with your bathroom.

Weigh Bathroom Scale


Health O Meter 594KL Digital Chair Scale

It is a unique style bathroom scale that provides its users comfort by allowing them to check their weight in a sitting stance.

It is perfect for obese people because usually obese people find it difficult to stand and balance them.

With this weighing machine you can check your weight while sitting without having any kind of trouble.

It gathers very less space and can be easily placed in your bathroom.

The light weight of this bathroom scale allows for easy maneuvering.

The weighing capacity of this machine is 600 lbs which are equal to 280 kilograms.

It is one of the highest weighing scales available in the market.

The result is displayed in both pounds and kilograms.

It allows the user to detach the arms and footrests according to the convenience which is great for obese people as it gives them more space.

It is one of the accurate and precise machines approved by the doctors.

Health O Meter 594KL Digital Chair Scale



Observing your weight is important as it helps you in managing your diet.

It also tells you about your health conditions as obese people are said to be unhealthy having risks of developing cardiac problems, etc.

The problem of obesity has increased over the past few years.

Obese people always needed an instrument to check their weight.

In this article, we have analyzed in detailed some of the best and reliable bathroom scales that are accurate and precise.

We have also discussed in detail, the things to consider for buying a top-notch bathroom scale.

There are two different types of bathroom scale digital and manual.

We recommend you to go for a digital bathroom scale because of its accuracy and preciseness.


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