The Best Platform Bed for Heavy Person

Every person has the right to have a comfortable sleep, no matter their weight.

Your size shouldn’t determine how peaceful your evenings can be.

However, finding a good platform bed for heavy person can be a daunting task.

Unfortunately, most beds on the market don’t have a weight capacity more massive than 500 lbs.

While this is enough for many, for a heavier person who wants to sleep in the same bed with their partner, 500 lbs.

just won’t do it. So, what can you do when either you or your partner fall under the overweight category?

You find an excellent high weight capacity platform bed!

While finding the best platform bed for heavy person isn’t easy,

we have created a list of great products that might help you with your decision-making.

Moreover, we have created a buyer’s guide to let you know what features you should look for in a platform bed.


Best Platform Bed for Heavy Person – Top 5


1. 45MinST 14-Inch Reinforced Platform Bed Frame


45MinST 14-Inch Reinforced Platform Bed Frame



This is one of the sturdiest platform beds you can find on the market.

It can hold up to 3,500 lbs. which is much better than most other beds.

Even if both you and your partner are overweight, and you use a thick, heavy mattress,

this bed will be able to withstand everything.

This is enabled thanks to the durable, heavy-duty steel structure that makes this product robust and long-lasting.

While it has a pretty ordinary design, it’s fit for any mattresses so that you can arrange it according to your preferences.

The 45MinSt Platform Bed has nine legs, so it is pretty stable.

It has 14 slats to prevent the mattress from sagging and, as a result, prolonging its life.

Also, forget about the terrible, squeaky noise a bed makes whenever you move.

This bed is noise-proof, and it can allow you to sleep peacefully throughout the night.


  • Comes in six different sizes, so you are bound to find the one that suits you.
  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Can be used with mattresses sized up to 75×54 inches
  • Weight capacity is 3,500 lbs.
  • Has nine reinforced legs
  • Great slat structure
  • Comes with all the necessary tools for installation
  • 5-year warranty


  • Great weight capacity
  • Provides great mattress support
  • Durable and strong
  • You won’t need any additional tools for installation
  • Great for you and your partner


  • Can be very difficult to install
  • You can easily hit your toes on it


If you are looking for a durable bed ideal for both you and your partner,

you should consider getting this bed – just make sure to watch your steps so you don’t hit your toes on sharp edges of the legs!



2. Homdock 14-Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame


Homdock 14-Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame



Suppose you’re looking for an excellent high weight capacity platform bed.

In that case, Homdock’s Metal Platform Bed Frame might be the product for you.

Similarly to the previous platform bed for heavy person, it has a weight capacity of impressive 3,000 lbs.

which is more than enough for you and your bedmate.

No matter your BMI, with this bed you don’t have to worry about restless sleeping.

It is as noise-proof and break-proof as possible.

This bed frame has nine legs, which is ideal for a durable bed.

Also, it comes in five different sizes, so you can choose the one you prefer.

It is 14-inches tall so that you can use the space underneath it as storage.

This is great if you need more space in your room.

At the same, it has holes for attaching headboard and footboard, making this bed rather adjustable.


  • Constructed from heavy-duty steel
  • Weight capacity 3,000 lbs.
  • Comes in five sizes
  • Has nine legs for additional support
  • Legs have a gasket covering, to prevent floor damage
  • Ideal for queen-size mattresses
  • Comes with all the necessary assembly tools and parts
  • 5-year warranty


  • Great weight capacity
  • Has enough space for under-bed storage
  • Durable
  • Great for two or more people
  • Steel legs have gasket protection, which is always a great addition


  • The tools included could be of better quality
  • Not easy to assemble


Although not as strong as the 45MinSt Platform Bed,

the Homdock’s Metal Platform Bed Frame is still one of the best platform beds for heavier people overall.


3. Zinus Demetric 14-Inch Elite SmartBase Mattress Foundation


Zinus Demetric 14-Inch Elite SmartBase Mattress Foundation



When it comes to weight capacity, you will hardly be able to find a more robust platform bed for heavy person than this one.

Its heavy-duty steel construction and crisscross slat design allow it to withstand the weight of up to 4,400 lbs!

It has 12 legs to increase stability further.

The platform is stable enough, so you don’t need to use a box spring mattress.

Memory foam, latex, and spring mattress work just great with it.

The design itself is made to prevent slipping.

It has 12.5 inches of clearance space that you can use as storage for boxes, toys, or magazines.

The assembly is relatively easy, and you don’t need any tools to complete it.

You can just unfold it from the packaging, and it’s good to use.

Also, it is noise-free, so you don’t need to worry about annoying squeaky sounds.


  • Durable heavy-duty steel construction
  • Comes in five sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, and King-size
  • While twin and twin XL sizes have a weight capacity of 2,200, other sizes can hold up to 4,400 lbs.
  • Folding design
  • Crisscross slat design
  • Has 12 legs
  • Fairly lightweight
  • No tools required for the assembly process
  • 5-year warranty


  • Amazing weight capacity
  • Easy assembly
  • Noise-free
  • Great value for money
  • Provides additional support for the mattress


  • Could be a bit more durable


This bed provides the best weight capacity you can find.

If the quality were just a bit better, it would’ve easily been the best platform bed for heavy person out there.

Luckily, a 5-year warranty is here to save the day.



4. Olee Sleep 18-Inch Tall Heavy Duty Steel Slat


Olee Sleep 18-Inch Tall Heavy Duty Steel Slat

Do you need a tall bed, for that extra storage space?

Then the Olee Sleep Heavy Duty Steel Slat might be the right platform bed for you!

While it can carry up to 2,000 lbs.

of weight, it also is 18-inches tall, making it the perfect solution for small, confined rooms.

Other than this, this is a pretty standard platform bed for heavy person.

It has a steel construction, and nine legs and 12 slats provide additional support.

You don’t have to use a spring box mattress with this bed, as even foam or latex mattresses won’t slip or sag.

The installation is pretty easy, and you have all the tools included in the packaging.

Most people have also reported a speedy delivery, so if you’re in urgent need of a good bed,

maybe you should consider purchasing this one.


  • Heavy-duty steel construction
  • Has a weight capacity of 2,000 lbs.
  • Comes in five sizes – Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King size
  • Doesn’t have to be used with a box spring mattress
  • 18-inches tall
  • Has an anti-slip and anti-sag design
  • Comes with all the necessary assembly tools
  • 5-year warranty


  • Good weight capacity
  • Very durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Very tall, so you’ll have more than enough storage space


  • Isn’t noise-proof
  • Slats have plastic ends


With the great weight capacity and plenty of storage space,

this is a great bed for people who’re a tad bit bigger, living in smaller, confined rooms.


5. Mellow 12-Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame


Mellow 12-Inch Metal Platform Bed Frame



While the Mellow Metal Platform Bed doesn’t have as big weight capacity as other beds we’ve listed,

it is still one of the more durable bed frames out there.

It is made of strong metal, and it can hold up to 1,000 lbs.

of weight, which should be enough for most heavy people.

As it isn’t made of heavy-duty steel, it has more style than most similar bed frames.

It has six legs, designed so that they provide just as much support as there were nine of them.

It gives you décor and stability, which is a rare combination.

The bed comes with 11 slats, so you don’t need to use a spring box mattress to have a comfortable sleep.

Corners are rounded, so toe-hitting shouldn’t be a too big issue.

However, this bed can’t be used with bed risers or headboards.


  • Metal construction
  • Has a weight capacity of 1,000 lbs.
  • Comes in four sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, and King-Size
  • Comes in two heights, nine and 12-inches
  • Has six legs for support
  • Has 11 horizontal slats
  • Fit2Lock feature
  • Corners are rounded for safety
  • Comes with a ready-to-assemble packaging
  • 5-year warranty


  • Easy to install thanks to Fit2Lock feature
  • Noise-free
  • Rounded edges are a good addition
  • Pretty design
  • Rather durable


  • Mattress can slip
  • Color may have slight variations


Why Do You Need a Good Platform Bed for Heavy Person?


Suppose you or your partner are on the heavier side of a scale.

In that case, you are probably already familiar with all the problems that overweight people have with their beds.

From frames crashing down, annoying and embarrassing squeaky noises,

to mattresses sagging, all of these are common issues overweight people experience every time they want to relax.

Not to mention the backaches that come afterward! Not only is this ruining your bedtime,

but sleeping on the wrong kind of bed can also be harmful to your health.

Because of this, you need to find an appropriate platform bed for heavy person.

Most ordinary bed frames have a capacity of 500 lbs.

While this probably sounds enough, you have to note these two things:

  • Usually, more than one person needs to sleep in the same bed.
  • Mattresses aren’t counted in the weight capacity.

When you think about that, you’ll see that 500 lbs. isn’t nearly enough for a couple where even just one person is overweight.

You’ll need to find a better high weight capacity platform bed.

A good bed suitable for bigger person doesn’t need a box spring mattress,

as it has either enough slats or a solid surface that is dense enough for a mattress not to sag.

A good bed needs to have a capacity of around 1,000 lbs. or even more, especially if both you and your bedmate are on a larger size.

If a frame is good, you won’t need to think a lot about what kind of mattress you’re buying.

Keep in mind that stronger mattresses can weigh up to 100 lbs. You need to consider that when making a purchase.


What Kind of Platform Beds Exist?


To sum it up, there are two kinds of platform beds when we’re talking about their structure.

They both have their positive and negative sides.

Which one you’ll choose is entirely up to your preferences.


Solid Platform Bed

A solid platform bed is a bed without slats.

Instead, it has a flat surface that you put a mattress on.

They typically have pull-out storage, and even if it doesn’t exist, you can easily add it on your own.

These beds are typically more firm compared to slat beds, and a mattress will rarely slip.

While this is good for some people, others aren’t too fond of it.

A significant drawback of this kind of bed is that there isn’t as much airflow as if you have slats.

This can lead to mold or accumulation of allergens, so it does require more maintenance.


Slat Structured Platform Bed

Opposite of solid platform beds, platform beds with slat structure have great airflow,

which is especially useful if you prefer having a memory foam mattress.

However, sometimes the slats are movable or are too far apart, causing the mattress to sink in or sag.

This can ruin the comfort level and decrease the durability of a mattress.

Luckily, you can usually modify these kinds of platform beds, so the mattress is more secure.


The Best Platform Bed for Heavy Person – Buyer’s Guide


When it comes to buying the right bed for you, you have to consider your needs and preferences.

What kind of mattress do you prefer? Do you turn a lot when you sleep?

Do you sleep alone, or do you share a bed with your partner or even pets?

Still, there are some general features you need to look for in an excellent high weight capacity platform bed.

We’ll go over them, so you’ll have an easier time picking up a product that does the best job in suiting your needs.


Weight Capacity

The essential feature in a platform bed for heavy person is its weight capacity.

This is pretty obvious – you want a bed frame that can support your weight, the weight of your bedmate,

and the weight of the mattress.

The exact number is up to your personal situation,

but we’d suggest that you don’t look at beds that don’t have a weight capacity of at least 1,000 lbs.

If you are gaining weight, you need to think about the future, as well.

If the bed isn’t built to hold your weight, it will bend or even collapse, which can harm you.

Finding a robust and durable bed is the first thing that should be on your mind.



Beds that have a more significant weight capacity need to be durable, as well.

While this is something you won’t read on the official product description, you need to listen to other people’s reviews and experiences.

High weight capacity platform beds tend to be a bit more expensive than regular beds,

and you want all that money to pay off.

Not to mention possible injuries if the bed breaks in the middle of the night!


Number of Legs

The more legs a bed has – the more stable it is.

Most regular beds have six legs; however, as these beds need to hold more weight, they need to have more support.

Ideally, you’d want your platform bed to have at least nine legs or more.

Also, check if the bed has some protection on the legs, to protect the floor from damage.

These beds are usually made of materials that can scratch your wooden floorings, so you need to think in advance.



Commonly, beds are made from wood, plastic, or metal.

However, you’d want your platform bed to be made out of heavy-duty steel.

Only this material is secure enough to be able to hold a lot of weight for a prolonged period of time.

Wooden elements are okay, as long as they have a decorative purpose.

No kind of wood alone can hold more than 500 lbs. for years to come.

Plastic should be avoided at all costs! It isn’t nearly strong enough for such a task.


Number of Slats

In case you’ve decided to buy a platform bed with slats, you need to consider how many slats are there.

The more slats and the less the space between them, the less is your mattress likely to sag or slip.

If the slats are too far apart, the mattress will fall between them, and it will quickly become uncomfortable.

Not to mention that this means you’ll need to buy a new mattress soon!

Memory foam mattresses typically require more slats.

If the slats aren’t too far apart, and if they are on the wider side, they will provide enough support.

You even won’t have to use a spring box with them!

It would be best to look for beds with crisscross slats;

however, horizontal slats work fine enough – just ensure the space between them is small.



Platform beds are a good choice as they provide additional storage space.

If your bedroom is small or simply need a place for all your clothes, books, or other things you rarely use,

you should consider the height of the bed.

Some platform beds come with built-in storage drawers, but most don’t.

While you can always ask someone to make you drawers for a solid platform bed,

you can simply place boxes underneath it if the bed is high enough.

Try to look for beds that are 12-inches in height or even taller.

This way, you’ll have enough place for all your belongings without having to upgrade your closet!


Easy to Install

Let’s face it. Chances are you’ll be the one responsible for installing your bed once it’s delivered to your house.

You probably want this process to take as little time as possible.

Some platform beds are foldable, and they don’t require any tools.

You just unfold them, and you can lie on them a few minutes later.

If the bed does need some setup, look for those that require little to no tools.

Many manufacturers sell their platform beds with tools included.

If all else fails, read the product description to ensure you don’t need to go to the hardware store for screws or other assembly parts.


Bed Size

As a heavyweight person, you need to think about the size of your bed, as well.

This includes not just your height, but also your sleeping habits and the size of your room.

Before you go bed shopping, measure your room.

You don’t want your bed to be too bulky and to ruin the overall appeal.

Not to mention you’ll have to walk over it whenever you move around! Ideally,

you’d want to have at least 2-3 feet of free space around your bed for you to be able to move comfortably.

Also, you can’t buy the same bed if you sleep alone or if you have a bedmate.

If you live with a partner, you’d probably want to consider getting a king-sized bed.

If you sleep alone, a single bed would probably sufficient enough.



While this one isn’t essential, it’s a nice feature to consider.

If you move a lot, or if you’re planning a move recently,

you should think about how you’ll carry your bed to a new place. Some beds are foldable; others are easy to assemble.

In any way, they should be lightweight. Otherwise, moving them around can be a huge problem.


Mold Protection

We’ve already mentioned that solid platform beds have issues with free airflow.

Whenever you sleep, the mattress gets warm and damp, and if there isn’t any air circulation,

this can be an ideal place for mold and mildew.

Even though you may not be seeing anything on the top part of your mattress, the bottom side might look a lot worse without you realizing it.

Sometimes, a mattress can even become infested with insects!

To ensure this doesn’t happen, look for a platform bed for heavy person with a good air flow.

Cleaning your mattress regularly also helps.



This is another optional feature that adds to the overall appeal of the bed.

Most people want their bed to fit in with the rest of the room, which can be tricky with heavy-duty products.

Still, some sense of fashion should exist. Many platform beds are adjustable,

so you can add a headboard and footboard if you’d like.

Some have wooden elements to enhance the appeal.

Again, this is entirely up to your preferences,

and only you can know will a particular bed will fit in with the rest of your room.



In the end, price is the selling point of any product, and platform beds are no different.

While you don’t want to waste too much money, it probably wouldn’t be the best idea just to purchase the cheapest option you see.

Also, a high price isn’t necessarily a sign of quality.

Read several customer reviews to ensure the product you’re looking for has a good value for the price.


Bottom Line


If you don’t have a good sleeping schedule, you’re in for many health issues.

Having an adequate bed helps you sleep soundly, without any interruptions.

This is why you need to look for the best platform bed for heavy person.

People all around the globe are becoming heavier and heavier as the decades pass,

while most products remain suited for people with an average BMI.

Just because you weigh a bit more, you shouldn’t need to deal with backache associated with beds that aren’t suitable for you.

While you always need to think about your own preferences,

we hope this list can help you narrow down your choices at least a little bit.



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