Heavy Duty Tall Directors Chair

Buying heavy duty tall directors chairs to serve big and tall people sometimes may be quite a struggle.

The original director’s chair is made from wood and taut canvas material for seating.  The modern heavy duty chairs are now made using steel tubing to make the chair strong and durable.

Directors chairs are comfortable to use especially in the office and its also ideal for makeup artists for a comfortable position when working on their client’s face.

This chair can also be of great help to older people having a problem getting up and down.

Most of the directors’ chairs available in the market are designed to fit only regular persons thus leaving the tall and big people stranded.

Fortunately, some manufactures today have come up with specially designed director chairs to fit both the tall and big people.

This article will provide you with well-researched information on the best heavy duty tall directors chair for heavy and tall people in the market today.

Best Heavy Duty Tall Directors Chair

1. Coleman Camp Chair with Side Table– Best overall


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This heavy-duty tall directors chair is commonly used for camping purposes and its very comfortable to sit on.

This chair comes with a side table and a cup holder attached to it and has a flip-up design.

The chair has a relaxed angled seat, a cushioned back and padded armrests to offer maximum comfort for long working hours.

The weather-resistant fabric used to make this chair can withstand any weather condition.

The aluminium frame used in this chair is lightweight to ensure easy transportation of the chair.

This chair can withstand a maximum weight of up to 225 lb and has a 20.5 width and its 17 inches high.

The buyer is guaranteed a 1-Year limited warranty after purchasing this chair.

Main Features

  • Has a relaxed angled seat and cushioned back support for maximum comfort
  • Weather-resistant fabric
  • Can withstand weight up to 225 pounds
  • Has padded armrests
  • Has a side table with a cup holder
  • You are guaranteed a 1-year limited warranty

2. Faulkner Aluminum Director Chair with Folding Tray and Cup Holder, Black– Best for travelling

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This chair is among the best heavy duty tall director chair for big and tall individuals as it’s sturdy and comfortable at the same time and also easy to fold.

It is made from polyester fabric which is UV resistant and an aluminium tube frame with a crossbar system.

The chair comes with carrying handles and it weighs 8lbs and its 17 inches from the floor.

Other additional features include; padded armrests, a folding tray with a cup holder and a pocket pouch.

This chair is made of durable material making it able to withstand a maximum weight of 25olbs.

Main Features

  • Padded armrests
  • Can hold up to 250 lbs weight capacity
  • Weighs 8lbs
  • Has a folding tray with a cup holder
  • Comes with a pocket pouch
  • Made of Uv resistant polyester fabric
  • Has an aluminium tube frame.

3. Earth Heavy Duty VIP Tall Director’s Chair– Best for tall people


If you are a tall and heavy person who is tired of looking for the best director chair for yourself, then Earth Heavy Duty VIP Directors chair is your best choice which will also make you feel like a VIP.

This heavy-duty directors chair is made from two layers of 600D fabric thus making it strong enough for use by heavy people.

This Director’s chair can withstand a maximum weight of up to 350 lbs and above.

The chair bears a high back and footrests thus making it comfortable to sit on for long hours.

It also comes with foam Armrests to offer ultimate support when in use.

Its seat is 30 inches high from the ground thus making it ideal for tall people to sit comfortably.

Main Features

  • Holds a maximum weight of 350lbs and above
  • 30 Inches high from the ground
  • Foam Armrests for support
  • High back and footrests available
  • Made of two layers of 600D fabric
  • Affordable
  • Durable.

4. TIMBER RIDGE Oversized Directors Chairs– Best for oversized people.


This chair is ideal for oversized persons looking for a chair with an extra-wide seat.

It is made using a 600D polyester fabric and has a 25mm tube frame made of steel coated with powder.

The chair can hold up to 600lbs thus making it ideal for use by heavy people.

It comes with a foldable side table on the right-hand side to keep your essentials when using the chair.

The back of this chair has a padded headrest and has cushioned armrests for ultimate comfort and relaxation.

Timber RidgeOversized Director chair is versatile and can be used for various functions such as camping, travelling, picnic, barbecue and others.

The chair comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

Main Features

  • Its side table is foldable
  • Padded headrest for extra comfort
  • Cushioned armrests for support
  • Holds up to 600lbs
  • Made using a 600D polyester fabric
  • 25mm steel tube frame
  • It’s versatile
  • 1-Year manufacture’s warranty.

5. KingCamp Camping Chair Heavy Duty Folding Camp Director Chair– Best for Camping

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When looking for the best directors chair for camping that is firm and durable then consider getting this one.

The rugged steel frame used in this chair makes it strong enough to hold up to 396lbs of weight.

Its seat has a height of 17.7 inches from the ground, a width of 20.8 inches and a weight of 9.7lbs.

The chair comes with a side table with a cup holder to help you keep your drinks and snacks.

It also has side storage pockets to keep your essentials in good order.

The chair bears a padded seat and armrests for maximum support when in use.

It is easy to use, store and carry around. It will take you just a few minutes to set the chair up and to also fold it.

The chair comes with a 1-year warranty.

Main Features

  • Can hold up to 396lbs
  • A side table with a cup holder
  • Side storage pockets
  • Easy to set up and store
  • A seat height of 17.7 inches
  • Easy to carry around
  • 1-year warranty.

6. Coastrail Outdoor Oversized Director Chair– Best wide director  Chair


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For oversized people looking for a comfortable chair that is wider, then the Coast rail Outdoor Oversized Director chair should be your perfect choice.

This chair has a width of 28 inches and can withstand a maximum weight of 600lbs.

The chair comes with a steel frame which makes the chair more strong and durable with the foam padding makes the chair more comfortable.

The material used to make this chair is 600D polyester and it comes with detachable padded armrests to prevent your arm from burning on the hot metal.

This chair bears a foldable side table with a cup holder to provide room for your drinks and snacks.

It has a side pocket and a storage organizer to keep your stuff when using the chair.

The chair comes with two hand straps on both sides thus making it easy to carry around.

Main Features

  • Weight capacity of 600lbs
  • A steel frame
  • Made of 600D polyester fabric
  • Detachable padded armrest
  • Side pockets available
  • A side table with a cup holder
  • Has a storage organizer
  • Easy to carry around.

Features To Consider When Buying A Heavy Duty Tall Directors Chair

The Weight Capacity

This is the first and important feature to look at when buying a heavy-duty tall directors chair.

The chair you intend to buy should have a weight capacity that is strong enough to withstand your weight without any breakages.

The Width

The width is also a key feature to consider before buying any heavy duty tall directors chair.

The width of the chair should be wide enough to accommodate you comfortably when sitting.

The wider you are, the wider your chair should be to avoid discomfort when sitting.

The height

You should also consider the height of the director chair you need to buy.

The height should be tall enough to enable you to get in and out of the chair comfortably with minimal struggle.

The recommended one is 18 inches from the seat to the floor.


The chair you intend to buy should be comfortable enough to enable you to work for long hours with minimal fatigue.

Uncomfortable chairs may lead to back pains when used for a long period of time so its wise to look for a comfortable chair.


Some chairs are designed to be folded easily and easy to carry around thus making them ideal for use for people who love travelling.

If you are a heavy and tall person who loves to travel around then you should settle for getting a portable chair in the market.

The materials used to make such portable chairs are light in nature.


This article has provided you with detailed information about the best heavy duty tall directors chair available in the market.

Choosing any of these heavy-duty tall directors chairs will depend mainly on your need.

When deciding on the particular chair to settle for, choose the one that perfectly suits your need.

All the above director’s chairs will give you the perfect results you are looking for to solve your problem.

As for me, I would not mind getting any of these chairs as I find them of equal quality and importance.

Good luck as you look for the perfect chair to solve your problem!


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