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When it comes to buying a new fold up bed, heavier people have more to consider. A mattress created to aid their weight may not be enough; sleepers with this concern should also think about a frame that can easily support them.

Whatever definition of overweight you use, the fact still remains that sleep products must be capable of supporting these folks. Fold up bed which have been graded especially for heavier people, are known as Heavyweight fold up bed designed for heavier people. The following is a list of some of the best fold up bed for people who are overweight.

Coleman ComfortSmart Cot

Coleman ComfortSmart Cot


Coleman 2000020271 ComfortSmart Cot, one of several finest and most trusted available when it comes to camping and proactive gear and equipment. It is at the top of the whole list of the best folding beds on the available right. You will or will not agree with this decision; it all depends on individual preferences or the reason you purchased the folding bed in the first place. The Coleman ComfortSmart Cot, on the other hand, has taken the top spot on this list due to its durability, comfort, and thousands of positive reviews and positive reviews from users. It’s still very inexpensive. The Coleman ComfortSmart Cot could just be the bed you’re searching for, whether you need a folding bed for outdoor activities or an extra bed in your guest bedroom. You won’t be finding a difficult-to-assemble folding bed. The Coleman ComfortSmart Cot, fortunately, makes it much easier for you. If you’re setting things up at an apartment or at camping, this folding bed is a piece of cake to put together. After each use, just fold it up and keep it in a tiny space. When folded, the Coleman ComfortSmart Cot measures 34.4 x 25.4 x 5.5 inches. It measures 69 x 25 x 15 inches when completely unfolded. It is suitable for people up to 5 feet 7 inches tall. Although the mattress is a little thin, it is still a nice place to sleep. The Coleman ComfortSmart Cot is small enough to fit in the most vehicle when folded.

When it goes to outdoor equipment, Coleman is a leading brand. When it comes to longevity, the brand has proved to be one of the most competitive over the years. While this folding bed is not intended for daily use, the Coleman ComfortSmart Cot is the best option when you need a folding bed for visitors, camping, or visiting. It has a spring coil suspension and is constructed with a heavy-duty steel frame. It has a weight capacity of 275 pounds. In general, many users who weigh at least 250 pounds have written reviews stating that the Coleman ComfortSmart Cot holds up well.

Although the precise type of mattress used isn’t specified in the spec sheet, the Coleman 2000020271 ComfortSmart Cot is portrayed as having ultimate quality, with a foam mattress on above of a spring coil suspending. It’s not too dense, so the bed folds up small, but it also provides the padding and convenience you want.


Heavy-duty, with a load capacity of 275 pounds.

When folded, it’s small enough to fit in most car trunks.

Constructed to last

Limited warranty of one year


Can only for people who are 5 feet 7 inches tall or shorter.

SpaceMaster iBED Cot Size Hideaway Folding Cot Camping Bed with 2 Inch Foam Folding Mattress and Carry Case Under Bed Storage Bag, Black and White

SpaceMaster iBED Cot Size Hideaway Folding Cot Camping Bed

A folding bed is always useful, particularly if you have guests staying with you on occasion. We want to be as accommodating as possible and provide a comfortable bed; unfortunately, most people do not have enough room in their homes for an extra bed. The iBed in a Box Hideaway Guest Bed is the ideal solution for your requirements because it offers strength and convenience without sacrificing functionality. The iBed in a Box Hideaway Guest Bed is reasonably priced and should last a long time.

The iBed in a Box Hideaway Guest Bed can be set up in a matter of secs. It folds and unfolds easily, and once the mattress is placed on top, it’s easy to use.

It also folds up into a small package that you can conveniently store within the cabinet or even under your bed when not in use. It also comes with a holding bag to keep the mattress tidy and dust-free after it has been kept for a long time.

The iBed in a Box Hideaway foldable Bed has the edge over the other folding bed on this list in which it is over 6 feet long, allowing it to easily fit taller people. The iBed is a ground-breaking product that allows you to get a good night’s sleep without the hassle of installing and setting up an air mattress. It has a comfortable 2-inch foam mattress and rests 16 inches off the ground, making getting in and out of bed a breeze. Because it is two and a half feet wide, tossing and turning is also possible. The iBed in a Box Hideaway Guest Bed is just 5.5 inches thick once folded.

The solid metal bed frame of the iBed in a Box Hideaway Guest Bed is extremely robust and robust. It would support those weighing up to 275 pounds. The iBed in a Box Hideaway foldable Bed offers a limited 10-year guarantee that includes product’s defects and other craftsmanship problems, so you can buy with confidence.

A 2-inch mattress isn’t needed to provide the same level of comfort and support as an 8-inch mattress. The iBed in a Box Hideaway Guest Bed, on the other hand, is a fantastic choice since the mattress is made of durable coils and a flexible net. Sleeping on the iBed in a Box Hideaway foldable Bed will be a completely gratifying experience without any of those awkward panels that will cause a backache when you wake up the next morning.


Limited 10-year warranty

There are no obnoxious steel bars.

Setup and storage are easy.

Individuals up to 275 pounds and 6 feet tall can use it.


Few owners have complained about the iBed in a Box Hideaway Guest Bed being tricky to set up.

Milliard Premium Folding Bed with Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress – Perfect Guest Bed Featuring a Super Strong Sturdy Frame – Cot Size

Milliard Premium Folding Bed with Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress


When one hears of folded beds, ultra thins mattresses, and awkward metal bars are the first things that come to mind. Milliard Premium Folding Bed Memory Foam Mattress is the dense and super comfortable 4-inch bed. The chic construction of the Milliard Premium Folding Bed with Sleek Memory Foam Mattress makes a world of difference. It is more expensive than the first two folded beds on this list. If you find it at a discount, make sure you get one because it is a great deal.

The Milliard Premium Folding Bed with Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress is very simple to install and store, except for the part where you have to screw in the wheels. You don’t need to be a pro at furniture assembly to pull it off. To prepare the bed for use, no tools are needed. After you’ve finished using it, fold it up and keep it in a wardrobe or any other available space in your home. The two wheels on the Milliard Premium Folding Bed with Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress lock into position when not being used. With those two wheels, this folding bed becomes much more portable and mobile.

The Milliard Premium Folding Bed with Sleek Memory Foam Mattress is 16 inches off the ground, making it easier to get on and off. When fully unfolded, it is 75 x 31.5 inches. It folds to a size of 44 x 12 inches when folded. Although it may not fit in the trunks of smaller vehicles, this bed is suitable for use at home or in a master bedroom.

A complete metal bed frame supports the Milliard Premium Folding Bed with Luxurious Memory Foam Mattress. For improved reliability and ease of use, it has assisted folded and double strengthened stabiliser bars. The memory foam that comes with the bed is still strong and durable and will last for several years. Its reliability is also enhanced by the trampoline bed foundation. Individuals weighing up to 400 pounds can use the Milliard Premium Folding Bed with Lavish Memory Foam Mattress.

The Milliard Premium Folding Bed with Memory Foam Mattress offers a 4-inch thick foam mattress, as previously noted. Because of so many advantages that memory foam can provide, it helps to avoid backaches and neck aches when you wake up every morning. In fact, the mattress’s 4-inch width is a wonderful feature in comparison to the thinner mattresses that are often found in folding beds.


4-inch thick memory foam mattress

Locking wheels

Setup is simple.

Durable – can withstand a weight of up to 400 lbs.


no warranty

Zinus Traveler Premier Folding Twin Guest Bed, Plus Bonus Storage Bag

Zinus Traveler Premier Folding Twin Guest Bed

The Zinus Sleep Master Traveler Premier is not really the least expensive of the folding beds checked and rated on this list thus far, but it’s also not the far more costly. We’d say it’s fairly priced for the features it offers. When it refers to mattresses, cushions, and other bedding, Zinus is a household name. Despite the fact that folding beds aren’t as prevalent as bed frames, this folding bed proves that Zinus can do everything bed-related. If you have some extra cash to spend on a stylish, comfortable, and long-lasting folding bed, the Zinus Sleep Master Traveler Premier Folding Twin Guest Bed is well worth the money.

Setup and installation of the Zinus Sleep Master Traveler Premium Folding Twin Guest Bed are not troublesome, according to users reviews. Read the instructions, and you’ll be fine. According to users reviews, assembly entails merely removing the bed from the package and opening it up.

A double bed, the Zinus Sleep Master Traveler Premier Folding Twin foldable Bed. Unlike many other folding beds, which are typically single-sized, this Zinus folded bed offers some more space. It’s 75 x 38 x 18 inches in size. When it isn’t in use, folds it in half and store it in the carrying case that comes with every purchase.

Zinus is a well-known brand in the bedding industry, and it is a popular option for many customers. The Zinus Sleep Master Traveler Premier Folding Twin Guest Bed is composed of strong fabrics and superb craftsmanship. It has a 4-inch mattress pad and is supported by a metal grid framework. It even includes a worry-free one-year limited warranty, ensuring that this is a durable folding bed.

Zinus is an expert in the field of cushioning. A luxury 4-inch twin sized foam mattress is included with the Zinus Sleep Master Premier Folding Twin Bed. An inch of pressure-relieving comforting foam and three inches of massive support foam are included in this CertiPUR-US approved mattress. The Zinus Sleep Master Traveler Folding Twin  Bed will make you feel as though you’re in a normal bed, even though you’re in a folded up bed.


4-inch comfortable foam mattress

Support for a metal grid

Limited warranty for one year


There is no mention of a maximum recommended weight.


Whenever it comes to your sleep, you really try to make the best choices possible. Any major purchase, including a best fold up bed frame, necessitates extensive study. It would be a real pain if a product gave out on you after just a few months of use, so make sure you’re doing what’s right for you and your sleeping needs.

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