Electric wheelchair for 500lb person

Are you an obese person who cannot walk or face difficulty in walking and searching for an electric wheelchair?

If so, then read this article carefully as we’ll be discussing in detail about wheelchairs suitable for people weighing 500 pounds.

Millions of people worldwide are facing the problem of obesity and walking.

The major reason for obesity is bad eating habits, medications, high carb intake, no physical activity, and many more.

Therefore people who are obese and are paralyzed look for a wheelchair.

An electric wheelchair, unlike a manual wheelchair, is powered by a motor that enables and helps a paralyzed person to move from one place to another.

By reading this article, you’ll be able to find the best quality and durable electric wheelchair for people weighing 500 pounds.

An electric motor can change the life of a paralyzed person completely.

It enables the person to move swiftly and confidently.

An electric wheelchair is relatively safer and requires less effort when compared with a manual chair.

Though you are unable to walk naturally but with the help of an electric wheelchair, you can resume your work.

If you are an older person or suffering from an illness electric wheelchair is the only solution to your problem,

and it can help you make independent.

You need to choose a wheelchair that offers various features and serves you efficiently.

Here are a few useful points that will assist you in selecting the best wheelchair that serves your purpose well.

Tips for choosing the best wheelchair

Choosing the best wheelchair that is durable,

offers easy mobility, and user-friendly is very important as a wheelchair is going to be the most important thing in your life if you are facing a disability.

Therefore you ought to make a wise decision. Below are some important points:

Define your daily routine

It is important to know your daily routine work which you can’t miss even if you can’t walk normally.

If you are the person has to travel a long distance, then you would need a portable wheelchair.

If you have outdoor work plans, then you need to choose your wheelchair that offers easy maneuverability.

So it is duly important to make a list of your work routine and choose the wheelchair accordingly.

Weight Capacity

Weight capacity or weight limit refers to the weight a wheelchair can sustain without any difficulty.

Since we consider you are an obese person weighing 500 pounds, therefore,

you need to search for a heavy-duty wheelchair that can bear your weight and offer you the best comfort.

The closer your weight is to the limit; the speed of the wheelchair starts to get slow.

Therefore you need a heavy-duty wheel that has no impact on speed with your weight.

Comfortable Seat

Since you are going to spend a lot of time sitting in the wheelchair, therefore, the wheelchair that you are going to choose must have a comfortable seat.

Therefore it is necessary to keep the seat of a wheelchair as your top priority.

The comfortability of the seat is directly related to the padding.

Most heavy-duty electric wheelchairs are padded but you need to choose the one that is the most softer and has an extra layer of padding.

Padding makes it easy for you to sit on the wheelchair for a long period.

Battery and drive range

Battery and drive range is the distance a wheelchair can cover at a time when it is fully charged.

In simple words, battery time refers to the time wheelchair offers at a single time before it gives out.

Generally, the wheelchair offers 10 miles per hour drive range, but some heavy-duty wheelchair can also offer a driving range of 25 miles per hour.

Drive range is extremely important because charging the wheelchair, again and again, is an irritating and tough task.

It causes unnecessary delays; therefore, choose the wheelchair with the best battery time and the one that offers maximum drive range.

Speed & Wheels

After chair and drive range, speed should be the utmost priority because an average person usually walks at 3 to 4 mph,

and to cope up with others in the fast-moving world, you need a top-quality wheelchair.

Electric wheelchairs usually offer 2 to 5 mph, so it makes it easy for you to match the speed of a normal person.

The wheels of your wheelchair should also be durable.

It must be able to sustain every kind of pressure and must not break down.

If the wheels of a wheelchair break down while you are moving, you can get a severe injury.

Therefore you need to choose a wheelchair that has strong and durable wheels.

Turning Range

The turning range of a wheelchair is defined as the capability of your wheelchair to take a turn.

It is another important aspect because, in the daily routine, you have to turn your wheelchair frequently.

Therefore it must have the capability to take sharp and normal turns very easily.

Keep in mind to check the turning radius of your wheelchair before buying it.

The movement of the wheelchair will be better if the turning radius is tighter and stronger.

After discussing in detail the tips to purchase the best and most suitable wheelchair,

it is time to discuss and mention some of the best electrical wheelchairs for persons weighing around 500 pounds.

Pride Mobility Electric Wheelchair

This is one of the finest electric wheelchairs for a person weighing 500 pounds or greater because of its various unique feature.

The best part of this wheelchair is that it offers easy maneuverability.

You can move from one place to another independently, unlike the manual wheelchair with which you need the help of another person.

It is designed in such a way that it offers its users maximum comfort and safety.

You can use it on all kinds of surfaces such as snow, grass, carpets, tiles, etc.

The electromagnetic brakes of this wheelchair ensure timely stops whenever required without causing jerks.

The integrated shocks provide you added comfort and prevent jerks.

The powerful motor of this wheelchair allows it to climb up on high surfaces such as mountains, hills, and slopes.

It allows you to take sharp turns very easily.

The wheels are as powerful that they can bear the weight of 600 pounds and can travel on any surface smoothly.

It is user friendly and allows easy maintenance.

If you want to clean the seat, it can easily be washed as seat covers are detachable.

Lastly, this wheelchair is very easy to use. You can easily use its features and functions as it is not difficult to use and requires very little effort.



Merits Wheelchair Electric Wheelchair – Heavy Duty

Merits heavy-duty wheelchair is perfect for obese people because of its heavy and smooth structure.

This wheelchair is made at a high standard with a weight capacity of almost 500 pounds.

The powerful frame and strong structure of this wheelchair make it a durable and long-lasting wheelchair.

It offers you great comfort, and you can easily sit for long periods because of the padded seat.

The seat is so soft with the back also padded, so you can sit for hours without feeling any discomfort.

It is a reliable option for obese and paralyzed persons because of its speed and strong wheels.

The maximum speed ranges from 5mph.

With this speed, you can easily cope up with the speed of normal people and can perform your tasks at a good pace.

The top quality wheels have been used in this wheelchair, which protects it from breaking down during use.

The strong wheels of this heavy-duty wheelchair allow it to move on any kind of surfaces such as grass, marble, carpets, etc.

The powerful NF22 batteries provide you extraordinary power and range.

The range includes 15-20 miles, which can vary according to the user’s weight.

The more heavy person sits on the wheelchairs, the range slightly decreases.

It is ideal for both indoor as well as outdoor use. You can easily manage it independently with the help of the console.

The turning radius of this smooth wheelchair is 21”, which is a decent radius allowing you to take turns efficiently.

User safety and protection are extremely important because the person sitting is already disabled,

and if he suffers another blow, it can be fatal. This wheelchair is safe to use and ensures that you don’t get a jerky ride.


Victory LX Sport 4-Wheel Scooter

This wheelchair is one of the most powerful and top-rated because of its high-quality and top-notch features.

This wheelchair has an extraordinary top speed of 8 mph.

It allows you to move from one place to another and travel a long distance very quickly and efficiently.

It is a wheelchair that will make your life easy.

If you are a person who has to maneuver frequently, then this wheelchair is what you should purchase.

The strong structure of this wheelchair makes it durable and long-lasting.

The long-lasting LED light on the front side as well as the rear LED lights enables you to watch the pathway.

It enables you to go outside where the light is not enough and dim and enjoy life to its full extent.

Its strong body allows it to bear weight upto 400 pounds.

The ergonomic chair of this wheelchair gives you a very comfortable and smooth ride.

The padded seat allows the user to travel long distances without any difficulty and discomfort.

The charging port is easy to find, which is located on the tiller, so you can charge this electric wheelchair easily.

It has dual batteries of 50AH, which lasts for a very long period.

Adjustable shocks provide you greater support and prevent jerks.

Driving and managing this wheelchair is very easy and comfortable because of the padded arm support.

You can easily relax your wrists while driving it.

The user-friendly console, the facility of a horn, adjustable headrest are some of the other unique features of this wheelchair.


For a disabled and paralyzed person wheelchair is the most important thing.

A wheelchair is the new footsteps for a disabled person.

It would be best if you chose the wheelchairs very smartly and wisely.

While buying a wheelchair, you need to make sure that the wheelchair you choose is safe, durable, and comfortable.

The electric wheelchair makes you completely independent and requires very little effort.

You have to use the console to move forward and turn right or left.

You need to be very wise in buying the wheelchair; looking at every quality is necessary.

The introduction of heavy-duty electric wheelchair has made life easy for an obese person.

He can now easily maneuver from one place to another.

He can resume his daily routine works without facing any major difficulty.

It has enabled them to work and move independently.

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