Best Camp Chairs For Big Guys.

Camping is always known to offer exhilarating experience and fun especially when you have the best camp chairs for big guys with you.

Your family and friends can enjoy fun outing provided they prepare well for it. It is important that they are well equipped and have the best camping chairs for big people that do not buckle under pressure.

With the right plus size camping chair, you’ll be sure of comfort and peace of mind…

Best Sturdy & Heavy Duty Camping Chairs.

1. Kijaro XXL Dual Lock Chair.

The Kijaro XXL Dual Lock Chair is considered to be one of a kind model that is capable of combining well with different types of technologies to ensure you get unmatched level of reliability and experience.

The big mans camping chair is known to feature dual lock technology that will enable a user to lock the seat in both open and closed positions to ensure you are convenient.

This big man camping chair will offer you the best back support and portability that will be great for any family. Kijaro XXL Dual Lock Portable Camping and Sports Chair, Ireland Green



  • It has 2-cup holders where you can always place your beverages and zip based pocket for storing your valuables.
  • It has a wide frame that can accommodate people who are even above 6 feet tall.
  • This camp chair is capable of supporting up to 300 lbs without even stretching its capacity.
  • This camp chair will ensure that you accommodate yourself without having to worry about sliding or drooping off the chair.


  • You will experience some locking mechanism problems when using this chair

2.  ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair.

The ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair is known to be among the top heavy duty camp chairs capable of withstanding weights of up to 800 pounds.

With this chair, you will no longer be subjected to the embarrassment most of the camping chairs are known to have.

The ALPS Mountaineering is also known to be the best camping chair that will never disintegrate when large people are seating on them. It is the best heavy duty camping chair you will find in the market. ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair, Khaki



  • It has a maximum weight capacity of 800 lbs hence able to accommodate very heavy people.
  • The camp chair is capable of lasting much longer compared to other types of chairs.
  • It is a very comfortable chair especially when elevated since it ensures an upright seating position and has a padded backrest.
  • It can easily be folded hence easy to move around with.
  • It comes with sizeable pockets and cup holders on the armrest to hold your items whenever you are relaxing.


  • This camp chair is more expensive compared to other camp chair models
  • Though the fabric is durable, it is not breathable hence can be a problem when people sweat.
  • A heavy chair hence can be a great problem for people who want to move around with it.

3.  Guide Gear 1/2 – ton Foldable Camp Chair. NA

The Guide Gear 1/2 – ton Foldable Camp Chair is known to be a great and amazing folding chair for large person. It has a range of amazing features that will give you value for your money.

It is a much cheaper chair compared to other brands that are known to cost up to $ 200 or more. The big mans camping chair is also known to have a range of great features that makes it a lovable chair.

It is considered one of the most comfortable camp chairs for big people and is a convenient chair for people who are on trips. Guide Gear Oversized Directors Chair, 500 lb. Capacity, Blue



  • It can easily hold up to 225 pounds of weight.
  • It is of a reasonable price thus can be affordable by most people going for camps.
  • Comes built with a backpack style bag that allows one to move with it anywhere they go.


  • This camp chair is only available in grey color hence not suitable for customers who do not love the grey color.
  • It is only meant to hold a maximum weight of 225 pounds and can easily break when it holds more weight.

4.  STRONGBACK Elite Heavy Duty Folding Camp Chair.

The STRONGBACK Elite Heavy Duty is known to be a unique camping chair for heavy person since it provides a great lumbar back support that results in an incredibly comfortable chair.

The portable chairs for heavy people come together with an extra weight and have an awkward shape when folded up. It is made of heavy duty 600 denier fabric that has been designed t be abrasive resistant. STRONGBACK Elite Folding Camping Chair with Lumbar Support, Black



  • It has a wide seat design that provides plenty of room that allows one to comfortably adjust their seating position.
  • Has a 600 denier polyester fabric that is sturdy hence does not wear or tear.
  • Has silver powdered coated steel frame that is sleek and strong making it be durable
  • Can easily be folded up within seconds and a clip on the back of the chair that ensures it is always in compact position.


  • It is heavy due to the materials used in making it hence stressful to move around with it.

5.  KingCamp Lumbar Support Lightweight Portable Heavy Duty Folding Camping Chair.

The KingCamp Lumbar Support is known to feature all around comfort coverage. It is a perfect folding camping chair for heavy people who plan to relax at their camping trip or want to have a great outdoor experience.

It has a great design for both indoor and outdoor use and has padding surrounding with a great structure. The camping chairs for heavy people come together with a storage bag for excellent portability. It also has handles on the back seat for convenience when carrying.

The picnic chairs can hold up to 260 lbs and consists of a large storage compartment for magazines and other personable.

It can easily be folded up for traveling reasons and can be used in camping and gaming due to its comfort factor. KingCamp Camping Chair Heavy Duty Lumbar Back Support Oversized Quad Arm Chair Padded Folding Deluxe with Cooler Armrest Cup Holder, Supports 350 lbs



  • It has a great design that allows for lounging.
  • It has a storage compartment for convenience.
  • It comes with different colors hence one can always choose their favorite color.
  • It is great for the families with siblings who want to distinguish their camp chairs.


  • This camp chair might be small for some heavy people.
  • Its price might be out of budget for some people.

6. Coleman Oversized Quad Chair with Cooler.

The Coleman Oversized Quad Chair is known to boast of many conveniences. It has a very clean design and comes equipped with a cooler.

It is more luxurious compared to other types of camping chairs for fat people thanks to its armrests. It has a mesh cup holder that is great for storing a drink whenever you are talking to your friends and family.

Its adjust-ability makes it great since the user can always change the armrests heights. It is made of a heavy duty steel frame that is capable of supporting up to 300 lbs. Coleman Cooler Quad Portable Camping Chair, Blue



  • Has a sturdy and durable construction that is able to last for long.
  • It has a lot of space for storage cup offering convenience to its user.
  • It has a quad led design that makes it super stable.


  • This camp chair is only ideal for the tall people.

7.  Terralite Portable Camping Heavy Duty Chair.

The Terralite Heavy Duty Chair is considered the best camp chairs for heavy people. It has a simple look though very attractive.

The folding chairs for large people are recommended for various outdoor activities and can also be used in the beaches and picnics. Its frame is deigned of high quality capable of withstanding various temperature conditions.

All the components of the Terralite Portable Camping heavy duty camp chair can easily be removed and folded. Hence, this chair can be stored easily within the camping bag. Terralite Portable Camp Chair. Perfect for Camping, Beach, Backpacking & Outdoor Festivals. Compact & Heavy Duty (Supports 300 lbs). Includes TerraGrip Feet- Won't Sink in The Sand or Mud.



  • This seating is made of a meshed fabric that is durable and provides complete comfort to its users.
  • It comes with a bag and this chair can fit into it offering great portability.


  • It is smaller hence cannot be used by all people.

Buying Guide For The Best Camp Chairs For Big Guys.

It is important that you ensure you are loaded with the plus-size camp chairs before your next camping trip.

You need to keep the following considerations whenever you are buying the best heavy duty chairs.

  • Price:

Heavy duty Camp chairs always come in a variety of prices. It is important to always go for the camp chairs that you can easily afford without having to spend much.

However, there are people who will always opt for the more comfortable camp chairs that will offer them more features and is made of durable materials capable of holding on for years.

  • Warranty:

You definitely expect your camp chair to last more than just a single trip whenever you invest your money in buying one. It is advisable that you always go for a model that comes together with the manufacturer’s warranty.

  • Weight:

You will never want a heavy camp chair especially when you will be going for long treks out in the woods. It is therefore important that you are aware of the camp chair weight before you buy it.

  • Convenient Features:

In case you are not interested in placing your drink on the ground or you need the side pockets to hold your important items like phone or purse, always look for a camp chair that offers these extra features.


There are many types of camp chairs for heavy people that have flooded the market making much difficult for a buyer to settle on one.

This review is providing you with the latest camp chairs for big guys on the market and the important considerations you have to watch out for when shopping for one.

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