Best scales that weigh over 500 lb

Are you following a strict fitness and dieting routine and trying to lose weight?

If so, you would surely like to monitor your weight regularly to see whether all your efforts are getting paid.

Scales that weigh over 500 lb are what you need to keep track of your body weight.

A bathroom scale is a machine that is used to measure the weight of something.

You can use it to get an accurate reading of your body weight,

or it can be used in many other industries that require measuring the weight of different items.

Bathroom scales come in different types such as mechanical, digital, analyser, and smart scales,

but the most common ones used at homes are mechanical and digital scales.

The history of the bathroom scale dates back to 5000 BC, when the first-ever arm scale was invented.

In the past, it was used to weigh commodities.

It was in the early 1600s that the first personal weighing machine was created.

The machine used a suspended chair where the person whose weight was to be measured would sit on.

In 1886 the first coin-operated weight machine was invented.

It was mainly used at railway stations and pharmacies.

Mechanical bathroom scale started gaining popularity in the early 1900s.

Digital scales were launched in 1970. And the first consumer-grade bathroom scale was invented in 1992.

In 2008, the first smart bathroom scale was developed.

It could also transfer the data to a PC through a USB so that people can store it and view it any time they want.

Analyzer scales came to market for public use in 2011, which enabled the users to transfer the data to their phones.

Various types of scales are available in the market with different capacities.

Most let you measure weight up to 300 lb accurately, but many scales don’t give accurate readings above 300 lb.

This is where high-quality scales that weigh over 500 lb come in.

They are specially designed to give you an accurate reading of your body weight over 500 lb.

Since scales that weigh over 500 lb are a great way to get an accurate measure of your weight or any item, they are quite popular these days.

But before you buy a bathroom scale, you need to take into account several factors for ensuring that you select the right scale that serves your purpose efficiently.

You should first consider whether you want a mechanical reading or you are more comfortable with digital readings.

Moreover, you need to decide whether you want to store your data for future use.

If so, a smart scale would be the right option for you.

Once you’ve analyzed the factors given below, you can quickly choose the right bathroom scale for yourself.

If you’re looking to purchase scales that weigh over 500 lb to monitor your weight regularly,

keep reading this article to understand the key features that you need to consider to buy the best scale for your needs.

Moreover, this article also consists of top product recommendations to make the decision of choosing the right scale easier.


How to use scales that weigh over 500 lb

Before you start using scales that weigh over 500 lb to measure your weight,

you should know how to use it to get accurate readings.

First of all, you need to calibrate the bathroom scale.

It is an important step because it is a way to ensure the scale is giving you accurate readings.

For an analog scale, there is a dial at the base that you can use for calibration.

To calibrate the scale, take an item whose weight is already known, such as a 6 pounds pack of rice, and place it on the scale.

If it shows a reading of less than or greater than 6 pounds, use the dial to adjust it.

Once you’re done with the calibration, place the bathroom scale on a hard surface such as a marble or tile surface.

If you place the scale on a carpeted floor, it can result in inaccurate readings.

This is because the carpet’s fibers act like spring, making the scale less sensitive.

Moreover, you should also ensure the scale is on a leveled surface otherwise, it can show you inaccurate readings.

Although high-quality scales that weigh over 500 lb are long-lasting, they can become inaccurate after you’ve used it for a long time.

If you are checking your weight using a digital scale, you should wait until it displays zero before you use it to measure your weight.

Types of scales that weigh over 500 lb

There are a few different types of scales that weigh over 500 lb available,

so it’s good to know what each type offer so that you can decide which one is best for you.

Mechanical/Analog Bathroom Scales

Analog bathroom scales for home used to be pretty popular about a decade ago.

Some people still use them, but many now prefer digital scales.

Mechanical scales are pretty simple to use and are an easy way to measure your weight.

These bathroom scales don’t need any batteries to work, which means you can use them anytime you wish to monitor your weight.

Moreover, they don’t require any complex setup and are super durable.

However, these bathroom scales only let you measure your weight, so you cannot use them to measure your body water or fat, etc.

In addition, an analog scale doesn’t offer a very high capacity to measure your weight,

and it might be difficult for you to keep track of small changes in your weight.

So, if you wish to monitor your weight regularly and want precise measurements,

a mechanical scale is not  the correct choice for you, and you should look for other types of bathroom scales.

Digital Bathroom Scales

These are the usual types of bathroom scales used in homes these days,

mainly because they are super easy to read and give more accurate measurements compared to an analog scale.

Digital scales are about 10-15 times more precise than a mechanical one.

These scales come with an LCD screen that displays the exact weight in digits, making it easy to read or interpret.

They allow you to choose your preferred unit of weight, such as lb, kg, or st.

Moreover, some digital scales also let you know how much your current weight has increased or decreased compared to your previous weight.

Digital scales are also only used for measuring body weight, and they are not capable of measuring other body compositions.

If you are looking for bathroom scales that weigh over 500 lb to measure your weight regularly and keep track of small changes, a digital scale is what you need.

Smart Bathroom Scales

As the name suggests, these scales are smart scales, so they let you store your data.

They are capable of transferring your data to your smartphone via Bluetooth so that you can access it anytime you want.

This way, you can analyze the trends of your body weight and make a better decision regarding your fitness and dieting routine.

A smart bathroom scale is right for you if you want to get a better and clearer picture of your body health and fitness.

Top scales that weigh over 500 lb

  1. EatSmart Precision 550 Pound Digital Bathroom Scale

This is one of the best high capacity scales that you’ll find in the market.

Equipped with an elegant glass base, the scale has a pretty wide platform measuring “15 x 13 inches,” allowing you to stand on it comfortably.

And you can also use it to measure the weight of different food items, depending on your needs.

In addition, the sturdy platform is made of stainless steel, which resists fingerprints, so the unit always looks clean and tidy.

The unit displays the weight in digits and comes with a “3.5 x 2.25 inches” wide LCD that has a bright blue light so that you can easily see the measurements even in the dark.

It is pretty easy to use and takes the readings instantly.

It comes with 3 AAA batteries and turns off automatically when not in use to extend the battery life.

In terms of capacity, the scale lets you measure your weight or weight of any item up to 550 lb or 250 kg with increments of 0.2 lb.

Moreover, it is equipped with four precision sensors to ensure you get the most accurate readings.

But you should calibrate it when you’re using it for the first time.


  • Sturdy design
  • Wide stainless steel platform
  • Auto on/off feature

EatSmart Precision 550 Pound Digital Bathroom Scale

  1. TOMIBA 550 Pounds Bathroom Scale

This is another great digital bathroom scale with a capacity to measure weight up to 550 lb and graduation increments of 0.2 lb.

It is equipped with four precision sensors to allow you to measure your weight accurately.

You can measure your weight either in lb or kg, depending on your preference.

The unit is well made and comes with a thick 6mm glass top.

In addition, the corners are rounded for added durability as they prevent scratches.

The platform is kept wide for your comfort and measures 12 x 12 inches.

The machine consists of a 3.5-inch LCD with a background light to help you read measurements even in low light.

It runs on 3 AAA batteries that come with the package and has an auto on and off feature to prolong the battery life.

It is also equipped with an auto-zero feature.

Moreover, it also indicates when the battery is low or when the machine is overloaded.

One of the best things about this bathroom scale is that you don’t need to calibrate it because it comes with an auto-calibration feature.

And it is also backed by a one year warranty.


  • Auto zero and calibration
  • LCD with blue backlight
  • One-year warranty

TOMIBA 550 Pounds Bathroom Scale


  1. Ideaworks Talking Scale, JB5824

This smart scale has a capacity of 550 pounds and allows the user to save up to 30 memories of two persons.

It is quite easy to use; you just have to tap the machine to turn it on.

The scale is super durable and comes with a tempered glass top.

It is equipped with a large LCD dispay and runs on batteries.

In addition, it also comes with a low battery indicator.


  • Durable tempered glass top
  • 550 pounds maximum capacity
  • Low battery indicator

Ideaworks Talking Scale, JB5824



Scales that weigh over 500 lb are a great way to measure the weight of your body or any heavy item accurately.

These scales come in different types, such as mechanical, digital, and smart scales.

Digital scales are the most common scales that weigh over 500 lb in homes.

These scales have an LCD screen that displays your weight measurement accurately in digits.

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