Best extra tall beach chairs for tall people

When summer arrives and it’s time to smash the water and sand, tall people are burdened by insufficiently sized extra tall beach chairs. A few of these chairs are just so short that sometimes the fittest of person would struggle to rest in them, let alone pull themselves upright without using the sand as a shaft.

There are usually only two criteria when it comes to choosing the best extra tall beach chairs. They are indeed the seat’s size from the floor to the backrest’s height. With exception of pool banquette lounge chairs, which are designed to be lower to the ground.

When buying a lazy boy beach chair, the maximum length isn’t as important because you can kick your legs out and chill. However, sitting in a fixed chair looks like sitting in an Elementary school chair.

So, armed with these basic beach chair specifications, I set out to find the finest extra tall beach chairs available. Take your time and scroll until you find something you want. They are, thus, suitable for the larger and taller man.

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair

ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair


The ALPS Mountaineering King Kong Chair can hold up to 800 pounds of weight. As a result, it’s a great beach chair for tall guys. It has a powder-coated metal frame that is solid. The cup holders keep your liquids close at hand, and the pocket ensure your small electronics safe.

It’s made entirely of robust and durable 600D polyester material, so you can count on it to keep you comfortable. There are three color choices for this plus-size beach chair: khaki, deep sea, and salsa. The chair itself is just 12.5 pounds, despite all of its characteristics and rings and chirps. It’s not the portable on the list, but it’s still manageable in a backpack. What more could you possibly want?



Big Jumbo 500 lbs XL Aluminum 

Big Jumbo 500 lbs XL Aluminum



These high-seat beach chairs are made to last longer than standard high-seat beach chairs. Extra-large seating, a sturdy frame, and more durable fabric are all features of these chairs.

Their strengthened stitching and thicker armrests are also noticeable. As a result, they can withstand pressure as well as breakage from harsh weather conditions. I like watching the waves while sipping a drink, so I am always drawn to heavy-duty beach chairs including a cup holder.



Rio Beach Big Boy Folding

Rio Beach Big Boy Folding



Among the most ingenious beach chairs is backpack high beach chairs is the one. They have thick strapped on their backs, allowing them to easily transform into smart bags.

The straps are usually padded to provide maximum user comfort. If you need to take other items to the beach, this is an excellent chair.

Furthermore, these elevated beach chairs are portable for your trip, weighing just a few pounds each. I don’t know about you, but the Rio Beach Big Bag Chair has always been my favorite.

It sits 13 inches off the ground and has a giant 22-inch seat, a comfortable backrest to protect my wider body, and the most essential part of all: a 4-position lean back!



Rio Beach Face Opening Sunbed High Seat Beach Chair & Lounger


Rio Beach Face Opening SunbedSEE RIO BEACH PRICE ON AMAZON

High beach chairs with seatbacks and footrests are also available. If you have a bad back, these beach chairs are ideal, particularly if the chair has plenty of added comfort and a luxurious footrest.

However, a bad back isn’t the only reason you’d like to use a headrest. With some additional support behind the head and across the reclining footrest, almost everyone feels more comfortable.

Rio is one of the most well-known products in the industry for beach chairs with a backrest and a footrest.

This chair’s interchangeable memory foam backrest pampers your back while its customizable, multi-position footrest pillows and gives much-needed additional support, measuring 14 inches high and with a 31-inch seatback.



Coleman Camping Chair with Built-in 4 Can Cooler

Coleman Camping Chair with Built-in 4 Can Cooler


These elevated beach chairs fold up small and fit nicely into the trunk of your vehicle.

Almost all of them come with a convenient storage bag and shoulder straps, making transporting them a breeze.

Even their poles fold up quickly for a quicker configuration and dismount.

Furthermore, other models, such as the Coleman Extra large Quad Chair with Cooler, have a completely cushioned seat with extra padding, which is ideal for people with back issues.

Fairly interesting is the fact that they still provide full sitting support, allowing you to relax and enjoy a sunset as usual.



Timber Ridge Camping Rocking Chair

Timber Ridge Camping Rocking Chair


Some of the best beach chairs for large people aren’t suitable for use while camping or in other outdoor activities. If you’re using your beach chair for more than just relaxing at the beach, the Timber Ridge Camping Rocking Chair is a great option.

When it goes to going on holiday, this rocking chair would not be your first choice. However, if you’re in a pinch, it’s a great piece of outdoor furniture that can double as a standby beach chair.

This beach chair, like many other chairs for plus-size people, has weight support of 300 pounds, making it ideal for a fat person. This chair reclines to three different positions, allowing you to relax and soak up the sun if you so desire. The front legs are customizable and feature duck-feet for added stability. On this, the armrests are made of plastic.

The seat width isn’t the biggest on our list of beach chairs for tall people, at 19.5 inches. However, if you can comfortably fit in, it is a reasonably comfortable chair to use.



PICNIC TIME ONIVA – a Brand PT-XL Over-Sized 400-Lb. 



This 400-pound beach plus picnic chair is recommended for people who are tall and heavy. Its seat is one of the broadest on our list of beach chairs for large people, at 24 inches wide. This breathable polyester of the Over-Sized Chair provides for air circulation. Breathable cloth, on the other hand, is something that great guys who sweat a lot look for in a beach chair.

It has a powder-coated metal frame that is extremely durable. The chair has a portable, inward folded construction that makes it easier to export and store. Your trip to the shore with this beach chair would be hassle-free because it provides a matching drawstring backpack.


Earth Ultimate 4-Position Outdoor Chair

Earth Ultimate 4-Position Outdoor Chair


The Earth Ultimate 4-Position Chair is made to provide you with the most comfort possible when seated. Whether you’re going to the beach for a few hours or camping for a few hours, you’ll need a rest. This beach chair is unquestionably optimal for large people, with a weight capacity of 325 lbs. The customizable front legs are one of its best features, as they can easily adapt to any uneven sitting. You’ll be just as comfortable sitting on the chair on sand or uneven surfaces as you would on a flat surface.

This perfectly padded beach chair brings relaxation to new heights. This chair provides adequate back and neck support thanks to its diligent back cushion and integrated pillow.

Cup holders on both sides of this 23-inch broad chair maintain your plastic cups or beer cups in reach. It also has a storage pouch where you can store essential items like your biography, cellphone, or cherished Kindle safely.

This beach chair works as a recliner for all those who prefer a more casual and laid-back seating stance. It leans back to four distinct reclined levels, allowing you to sit back however you want to. So, the next time you want to sit and stare at the stars, the Earth Ultimate Outdoor Chair is a good choice. This beach chair has quite a strap, so you can easily transport it. This chair is ideal for a variety of outdoor sports, exhibitions, and concerts in addition to the beach.


The finest high-off-the-ground extra tall beach chairs are unlike any other. They are exceptionally comfortable and come with a slew of useful features that will make your days at the beach more enjoyable. We have listed the best extra tall beach chairs for you.

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