Best Bikes For Fat Guys And Plus Size People.

Bikes for fat guys and heavy people are not like any other bicycle…

Typically, they have super strong steel frames, are far heavier, sturdier by a mile, and indeed, custom built to make riding the fun it’s supposed to always be- for fat guys.

Now, the thing is this:

If you’re a big guy, you will not reap all the known mammoth benefits of cycling if you don’t have the best bike for big guys…

In fact, an overweight person’s first real challenge in cycling is finding a big man bicycle.

Well, knowing this, we decided to take up the challenge.

And went all out for bikes for big and tall guys…digging, talking to experts, and literally camping on the web.

Before finally ending up with this comprehensive guide on bikes for fat guys

It’s for you if you have been searching for bikes for fat people.

Let’s start learning

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5 Most Comfortable Bikes For Heavy Riders.

After spending dozens of hours researching and testing different type of bikes,Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle and Firmstrong Bruiser Man Beach Cruiser Bicycle topped the chart as favorite bikes for women and men respectively.

Firmstrong Urban Lady Single Speed - Women's 26Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle

  • 15-inch sturdy steel frame and aluminum wheels
  • Cruising speed from 3 to 15 MPH
  • Easy-to-use coaster brakes
  • Available in 13 colours
  • Dual-spring comfort cruiser saddle

Firmstrong Bruiser Man Beach Cruiser BicycleFirmstrong Bruiser Man Single Speed Beach Cruiser Bicycle, 26-Inch, Matte Black w/ Green Rims

  • Cruising speed from 3 to 15 MPH
  • Riding Terrain: Pavement and hard-packed trails
  • 26″ aluminum rims and stainless steel spokes
  • Available in single, three, or seven speeds
  • Available in various colours to fit your unique style.
  • Easy-to-use coaster brakes
  • Can handle up to 300lbs

Best Bikes For Fat Guys And Big Guys

During our investigations, we managed to cross check over 30 models of bikes for fat guys.

And since one of our missions is to help you make informed purchasing decisions, we choose to narrow down to the best 5 bikes for fat guys.

Here now is a short review of each of these crown jewels

1.   Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s 26-Inch Step-Through Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle.

This Sixthreezero Evryjourney Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle is a sleek, modern showpiece.

And it’s not just a showstopper:

With big 26”, 1.95” wide fast rolling whitewall wheels, it supports heavyweights and cruises around smoothly.

It actually gives you several options:

For a flat terrain, the model is extremely easy-going.

For mountainous landscape, its 7 speeds will climb effortlessly and also cover more miles without breaking a sweat.

And if you are looking at a bigger challenge, this fat guy bike is up to the challenge….

You’ll crank up the gears and relax.

It devours demanding streets, trails, long distances, and uphill riding like a champ.

Thanks to its 17.5” swooping step-through aluminum tubing (frame), this is one of the best heavy women’s hybrid bicycle.

Featuressixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's 7-Speed Step-Through Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle, Navy w/ Brown Seat/Grips

  • 17.5-inch step-through aluminum frame;
  • Foot-forward design
  • 7-speed shimano hub(external)
  • Front & rear handbrakes
  • Curvy frame
  • Comfy dual-spring saddle
  • Matching fenders
  • Rear rack (for fitting baskets and panniers- optional)
  • 26-inch, 1.95-inch wide tires


  • Very versatile- it rides majestically on all terrain
  • Its frame is quite robust and holds extreme weights comfortably
  • It’s easy to get in/out
  • The wide whitewall tires deliver a very smooth ride always
  • It’s an animal when you come to mountains thanks to multiple gear options
  • It stylish- thanks to its curvy frame
  • Its dual-spring saddle is very comfortable


  • The bike isn’t that very easy to assemble
  • Its handlebar may be too wide


With big wheels, a robust aluminum frame and plenty of other cool features, this is the epitome of style and grace

It could be your ace for cruises, leisure riding, and commute rides


2.       Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bike.

If it was an Olympic competition, this Schwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bicycle would win a lot of fans on its larger springer cruiser seat which also comes with a quick release adjustment.

That’s because it makes it so comfortable not to mention that you can keep adjusting it until you feel satisfied.

Making you even cozier are its first class swept back handlebars which provides for a relaxing, upright riding position.

Plus, get in/out is a breeze with the low profile stand-over aluminum frame allowing simple, step-through access.

Still, on its construction, you will be happier when shopping- its large wire basket can carry home a whole week supply of groceries.

Not to be left behind are its full wrap fenders which are not only stylish but also very helpful in ensuring you remain clean and dry throughout your ride.

Overall, this is a very good plus size bike.

FeaturesSchwinn Meridian Adult 26-Inch 3-Wheel Bike (Black Cherry)

  • Super low stand-over aluminum frame
  • Cruiser style
  • Full wrap fenders
  • Swept back handlebars
  • Large springer cruiser (with a quick release adjustment)
  • Single speed drive
  • Large wire basket


  • It’s easy to get in/out
  • It’s beautiful- prepare to turn heads wherever you go
  • It’s a 3 wheel bike hence very stable even when under weight
  • The bike is very well made
  • The rear basket offers you additional transport convenience
  • It’s very to assemble


  • The inner tubes could be better
  • The frame is a tad too heavy


This 3-wheel bike is a powerful mix of retro styling, comfy riding, and convenience in storage.

All these, plus the extra stability from the third wheel makes this fat man bicycle a potential champion.


3.    Merax Finiss 26″ Aluminum 21 Speed Mountain Bike.

Electric bicycles have several advantages over regular bikes.

For example, they help you lower your carbon footprint. Then, they cover longer distances with reduced effort and in a much shorter time period.

This Merax Finiss 26” Speed Mountain E-Bike is one of the hottest selling fat man e-bikes.

With a Shimano 21-speed gear system, you will ride to far-flung areas in extreme comfort and within less time.

The brakes work very well meaning you can ride with more peace of mind knowing that you are in full control.

Comfort when riding is big news and this one has an array of impressive comfort features;

First and foremost, the front fork offers a super comfy ride- regardless of the distance covered

Also, you can raise its handlebars to the most enjoyable and ergonomic level:

Besides, the 26-inch reinforced wheels roll smoothly along, again helping to make sure you will enjoy a highly comfortable ride.

FeaturesMerax Finiss 26

  • Lightweight heat -treated mountain frame(aluminum)
  • 26″ wheels
  • Aluminum rims
  • Shimano 21-speed derailleurs
  • Front  & rear mechanical brake disc
  • Front suspension fork


  • Its Lighter in weight so easier to maneuver
  • It comes at a fair price considering it’s an e-bike
  • The wheels roll fast making it a faster heavy man bike
  • It’s easy to assemble
  • It looks sharp and sleek


  • The seat runs a bit narrow


If you’re an intermediate rider looking for an e-bike that always exceeds expectations, then you might have finally nailed it.

The 21-speed derailleurs and the front fork (80mm) make this big man bicycle quite promising.


4.       Diamondback Overdrive 29 Hardtail Mountain Bike,

With fast, smooth-rolling 29-inch wheels and a 24-velocity Shimano drivetrain, this Diamondback Overdrive 29 Hardtail Aluminum Bike for a giant person is a wonderful hiker and a riding champion par excellence.

It should, therefore, take you to your preferred trail effortlessly.

Indeed, it comes out strongly in a number of crucial areas.

For instance, its Tektro disc brakes/stoppers are instant so you will always be in a position to restraint matters before more damage.

It also has the reputable 30mm SR (Suntour) suspension fork- itself full of exciting features- including rebound tuning and lockout.

The overdrive frame is vastly improved to support tall and heavy people.  It has butted tubes, one machined head tube, artificial dropouts, and a quality disposable derailleur hanger.

As a bonus, this frame geometry gives you a generous standover clearance.

On size, this bike could be exactly what a tall rider would need. It has the height and the breadth to accommodate your pounds

FeaturesDiamondback Bicycles Overdrive 29er Complete READY RIDE Hardtail Mountain Bike, 18

  • Shimano/SR Suntour Drivetrain(3×8)
  •  SR Suntour 80mm travel Suspension Fork
  • Shimano Acera 8 speed rear derailleur
  • Overdrive frame
  • 29-inch wheels


  • Its top quality ,through and through
  • It holds up well against top weights
  • It has an improved front derailleur.
  • It comes almost ready for us (95 percent assembled)
  • It is light and thus easy to maneuver
  • It’s tall and very sturdy


  • The factory seat is a bit limited



This is built on the same principle as higher-end aluminum plus size mountain bikes

And with its solid package of features, this masterful entry level mountain bike will help you conquer new trails and keep going for more.

5.       Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bicycle.

If you are looking for a versatile lady’s bike, then the Firmstrong Urban Lady Beach Cruiser Bike may delight you.

It’s a 26-inch, single-speed feminine cruiser bike designed to excel in all environments.

Whether riding around the beach, or in and about the city, or just casually cycling around your neighborhood, she conquers them all- provided you don’t go off-road.

Built to be simple but efficient, you’ll experience consistent cruising speeds of between 3 to 15 MPH. so; you can even ride with friends just to make things more exciting.

The oversized seat has double coil springs so you are assured of a smoother and a soft ride.

In addition, the 2.125-inch wide gripping whitewall tires expertly absorb the bumps for an even smoother experience.

Not to forget that pedaling this urban queen is easy and full of fun.

And when the time comes to stop, the coaster brakes will always stop your majesty and keep her out of incidents.

FeaturesFirmstrong Urban Lady Single Speed - Women's 26

  • 26-inch white-wall balloon tires
  • Single-speed
  • Curvy beach cruiser bike design
  • 15-inch steel frame
  • Aluminum wheels
  • Easy-to-use coaster brakes
  • Oversized seat
  • Wide handlebars (with rubber grips)
  • For women : 5-6 feet tall


  • It offers 100% easy and relaxed riding
  • The oversized seat makes it quite comfortable
  • Its wider handlebars come with rubber grips so you enjoy a firmer grip
  • It has a modern touch and is so beautiful
  • Absolutely easy to assemble


  • It’s not for off-road


With 26-inch wheels, an over-sized seat, easy-to-use coaster brakes, and a single speed, this is yet another highly-rated beach cruiser.

This is an ideal queen for the big lady looking for a simple bike that is packed full of fun and is very easy to ride.


What Are Bikes For Fat Guys or Heavy Guys?

Bikes for heavy guys are nothing else but bicycles built in a specialized way to meet the unique requirements of heavy people.

They typically have tougher steel frames, are far much heavier, sturdier and generally reinforced to support more weight.

Some manufacturers guarantee bikes for as much as 550 lbs. while a majority offer bikes for over 300 lbs.

Benefits Of Bike Riding.

Cycling is a very rewarding activity, especially for bigger folks.

Indeed, taking up bicycle riding could be your most inspired decision as of yet.

Have a look at some amazing benefits of riding a bike.

  • Cycling and Your Health:

Cycling can help keep some serious diseases at bay. Think of stroke, some cancers, heart attack, arthritis, depression, diabetes, and obesity.

Specifically, taking a ride on your bike will lead to;

  • Improved cardiovascular fitness
  • Better muscle strength and flexibility
  • Vastly improved joint mobility
  • Reduced stress levels
  • Better posture and coordination
  • Stronger bones
  • Less body fat
  • Minimal anxiety and depression.
  • Improved stamina and resilience
  • Helps Manage Your Weight

Cycling is an excellent way to manage or reduce weight. It raises your metabolism, builds muscles, and burns lots of unwanted body fat. For plus size guys, this can have countless benefits

  • Get Fit in a Fun-Filled Way

The buzz you get working out outdoors and as you coast down hills will most likely motivate you to cycle more regularly.

In no time, your previously obese body will be in top shape

  • It’s a superb mode of transport

More benefits of biking are found in transport.

One, you arrive faster (No annoying traffic snarl-ups) and then, it’s healthy.

Driving to work, using trams, buses, or trains are all sedentary and unhealthy modes of transport.

Don’t forget it’s environmental friendly!

  • It’s Less Straining

Cycling is a low impact exercise – it causes minimal strain and injuries compared to other forms of workouts.

  • You don’t need any skill

Knowing how to ride a bicycle is very easy.

Even if you’ve never cycled, within a few hours you will be riding bicycle as a pro.

  • It’s an inexpensive undertaking

Still, on the benefits of cycling, you spend very little. In fact, apart from investing in a big man bicycle, and perhaps some riding gear, you barely need anything else.

It’s very cheap compared to some sports like basketball which needs a special court

Different Types Of Bikes Suitable For Heavy Riders.

Bikes for overweight ladies and men come in a variety of styles and designs.

Allow me to pace you through them;

  • Cyclocross Bikes

If you’re always in a hurry and often find yourself on bad roads, then you can rely on a Cyclocross.

Rapidly rising in popularity, these mix the looks and the speed of road bikes.

On top, they have a better frame clearance (for fitting fat) and knobbly tires (35mm or more) hence they’re all-terrain.

  • Touring Bikes

If you are a passionate traveller, you need bikes for fat guys which can haul luggage and ride for long distances without breaking down.

Touring bikes are primed for this.

They have the fast-rolling 700c wheels –common in road and hybrid bicycles- but have fatter tires that take on different terrain comfortably.

  • City Bike/ Beach Bike

Perhaps for a beginner, it’s better to start with hassle-free riding offered by these Dutch-style city bikes

They do a sterling job for short-range transportation across flat towns.

Their simplicity, robustness, and practicality make them a worthwhile option.

  • Beach Bikes:

sixthreezero Men's : bikes for fat guysExcellent if you’re a beach guy. Its extra-wide comfort and Balloon tires makes it perfect for the beach and its also strong enough to withstand heavy riders.

Here is my favourite : Sixthreezero Men’s26-Inch Beach Cruiser Bicycle

  • Road Bikes

If you are a speedster and prefer riding on surfaced roads, go for road bikes

But be careful as most have lightweight frames and are generally skinny since the idea is to maximize speed using minimum effort.

  • Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes for big guys are the best for riding on the most rugged off-road terrain.

They are built tough and have aggressive knobbly tires for a better grip on rough surfaces.

  • Hybrid Bikes

sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women's 7-Speed Step-Through Hybrid Alloy Cruiser Bicycle, Cream w/Brown Seat/Grips, 26" Wheels/ 17.5" Frame If you are a casual rider and mostly do short commutes, a hybrid bike could your king.

They mix the lighter frame plus fast rolling wheels from road bikes with the comfort riding from mountain bikes.

Here is my favourite : Sixthreezero EVRYjourney Women’s 26-Inch Hybrid Cruiser Bicycle. 

  • Fixed Gear or Singlespeed Bikes

Personally, I hate maintenance and DIY stuff.

And so I always go for singlespeed bikes.

They are lightning-fast and lack complexity. Fundamentally, they need minimal maintenance.

If you’re a confident commuter and don’t mind suffering as you pedal uphill, these could be a wonderful option.

However, casual cyclists may find them very cumbersome especially because they can have a steep learning curve

  • Folding bikes

If you’re running short on space, folding bicycles are unbeatable.

They’re ideal for short rides — especially when storage space comes at a premium.

Since they collapse for storage, they are also a good fit if you will need to use a train or board a bus at some point when traveling.

  • Electric Bike (E-Bikes)

If you would rather have a helping hand moving up the hills, then e-bikes could be a perfect fit.

Most are comfortable and super easy to manage thanks to their flat bars, mudguards and increased luggage capacity.

They, however, cost significantly more

Buying Guide For The Best Bikes For Big And Tall Guys.

If you after the very best bikes for plus size people, here is how to separate the wheat from the chaff;

  • Weight Limit

The best bicycles for heavy people handle serious weight without a hassle.

There are some companies making bikes for 300 lbs. man and above.

We even have a few making bike for heavy riders weighing as much as 550 lbs.

  • Length

Bikes for big and tall guys should have longer tubes and extra-wide handlebars to be comfortable.

Preferably, their seat and handlebars should also be adjustable to allow other members of the family and friends to also sample the fun.

  • Frame

For bikes for heavy women and similarly bikes for big men, the frame must be robust, stronger, wider and with thickened wall tubing to be durable.

As a matter of fact, the best bikes for overweight men and women are from aircraft quality aluminum or steel and are very, very strong.

  • Wheels

Tires are another common challenge with bike for fat guys.

To be on the safe side, consider bicycle for heavy riders with beefier, high-thread-count tires.

Such should also have first class tubes and, if possible, double butted spokes -ideally made of tough grade stainless steel.

Also, go for wider rims – they support weight much better.

  • Saddle and Pedals

Only a wider seat will work for a giant person. Also, ensure its fastened safely to avoid slipping under pressure.

Go for bigger pedals too- they are wider and thicker compared to normal pedals and thus more comfortable.

Safety Tips!

Over 500,000 people get cycling-related injuries in the US alone every year with more than 700 succumbing to their injuries.

As they say, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Here are some tips to help remain out of danger.

  • Helmet

Always wear your bicycle helmet even if you’re just rushing across the street.

You see, head injuries cause about 85% of cycling-related deaths.

  • Be visible

You should always wear bright, noticeable clothing when riding.

In addition, a flag will help you maintain healthy spacing between you and vehicles.

Then, travel in daylight whenever possible.

If you have to ride at night, wear reflective clothing and be sure to use bicycle headlights plus rear lights.

The NSC (National Safety Council) advises that you should equip your bike with a number of safety items including rear, front, and spoke reflectors.

Also, add pedal reflectors, a bell or horn and also a rearview mirror.

  • Smart Timing

Whenever possible, avoid riding during rush hours (early mornings and late afternoons)

Also, remember bad weather lowers your visibility and makes controlling your bike more difficult

  • Obey Traffic Rules

Cyclists must follow all road rules – the same with other vehicles.

Also, keep your antenna up to avoid careless motorists.

  • Other Safety Tips
  1. Wear protective shoes—not sandals.
  2. Carry repair gear plus a cell phone – just in case you might need some help.
  • Avoid cycling on sidewalks since drivers may not see you especially at intersections.
  1. And avoid alcohol if you will be cycling- I don’t really need to remind you that intoxication leads to even fatal injuries.
  2. Always test your brakes before starting a trip. They are your first protector in case of an emergency


The fact that the market has fewer bikes for fat guys is not in question.

But with luck and a bit of digging, you can unearth one of the best bicycles for big guys.

That way, you can embark on this marvellous adventure – remember cycling is healthy, lots of fun, and undoubtedly one of the best low-impact exercises for not only us, fat guys, but everyone.

Happy biking!

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