Best Big and Tall Office Chairs In 2020

When it comes to office chairs, you want them to fit you so you can feel comfortable and not experience any back pain.

If you’re on the larger side, you know how picking a right place to sit can be a task.

Finding the best big and tall office chairs can be a difficult task.

Most regular chairs have a weight capacity of 250 lbs,

and if you’re overweight or even just really tall, this typically won’t work for you.

Luckily, nowadays more and more manufacturers are designing big and tall office chairs for people of all shapes and sizes.

In this article, we have created a list of best products for bigger people,

as well as included a buyer’s guide so you can continue with your quest to find a good chair on your own.


Top 7 Best Big and Tall Office Chairs in 2020

1. Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair


 Duramont Ergonomic Office Chair



The Duramont Ergonomic Chair is probably one of the best big and tall office chairs that you can find.

It comes with pneumatic controls that lift or lower the seat, as well as tilt the backrest.

The headrest and armrests are also adjustable, which is always a good option to have.

The back of the chair is manufactured with a breathable mesh, so sweating won’t be an issue.

Everything is made of high-quality, and the chair can withstand the weight capacity of 330 lbs.

The seat itself is padded, so everything is comfortable, even if you’re sitting on it for the entire day.

The product is lightweight, and it comes with a clear instruction manual. Everything is easy to assembly.


  • Adjustable armrests and headrest
  • Made with breathable mesh
  • Great for tall people


  • A bit on the expensive side
  • Not too large weight capacity

2. Homall Office Chair


Homall Office Chair



If you’re a gamer looking for a good chair suitable for your weight or height,

Homall Office Chair might be a good option to consider.

It has a great and unique design and it’ll make you feel like you’re sitting in a racing car.

The product comes in various color options, so you are certain to find one that fits your interior.

This chair rocks and reclines – in fact, you can tilt it anywhere between 90 and 180 degrees!

It has a height adjustment support, as well.

This enables you to set everything to fit your size.

The seat and the backseat are very comfortable, as well, and the armrest is adjustable.

The biggest flaw of this chair is its relatively low weight capacity.

If you weigh more than 300 lbs, this chair is not for you.


  • Adjustable height
  • The chair tilts and rocks
  • Great lumber cushioning
  • Affordable price


  • Low weight capacity
  • There isn’t any padding on the armrests

3. Hercules Series Chairs


Hercules Series Chairs

If you’re not only tall, but also overweight, then there likely isn’t a better product than the Hercules Series office chair.

This chair has one of the best weight capacities you can find – it can hold the weight of up to 500 lbs!

The entire chair is well-padded, to ensure the comfort of all its users.

This includes the armrests, as well. In fact, the seat is 6” thick, which is quite a lot.

The padding’s sides have a mesh trim, to ensure everything is breathable despite all that leather.

Another good feature is the adjustability of almost everything.

You can adjust the chair’s height, as well as the backrest.


  • Great design
  • Amazing weight capacity
  • Everything is well-padded
  • Adjustable height


  • Expensive
  • Armrests aren’t adjustable
  • The entire chair is really heavy

4. Musso 229A Series


Musso 229A Series


The Musso 229A chair offers comfort like no other.

It works great as both the office chair and the gaming chair.

The back is contoured to help you achieve better posture and reduce pressure on your back.

The headrest is thick, and there is a lumbar pillow, as well.

The reclining backrest only enables even better comfort, and the adjustable armrests are helping this goal, as well.

This chair also has a great weight capacity.

It can hold the weight of up to 450 lbs. This is more than enough for most customers.

Not to mention a great warranty!

However, the chair is a bit heavy, so you might have some issues moving it around.

Still, the design is very stylish, and we are sure everyone, especially gamers, will fall in love with its bright colors.


  • Very comfortable
  • Great weight capacity
  • Durable
  • Many adjustable features


  • Expensive
  • Very heavy
  • Isn’t breathable

5. Sadie Big and Tall Office Chair


Sadie Big and Tall Office Chair



If you’re looking for a chair that provides great lumbar support,

then one of the Sadie Big and Tall office chairs might be great for you.

It has adjustable lumbar control for additional support for your lower back.

The backrest is made from breathable mesh. This way, sweating isn’t an issue.

The entire chair seating is designed to provide you with great comfort.

You can sit in it for hours without any issues!

The armrests are adjustable, although not padded, and the chair is easy to move around.

The best part of everything? This chair has a consumer-friendly price.

It also comes with a good warranty.

However, it’s weight capacity is 350 lbs, which could be not enough for some heavier users.


  • Adjustable lumbar control
  • Adjustable armrests
  • 3-year warranty
  • Affordable


  • Weight support could be better
  • You can’t tilt the backrest

6. SMUDGEDESK Office Chair



Smudgedesk is one of the well-known furniture brands that offers big and tall office chairs for their overweight customers.

This ergonomic office chair has a multifunction adjustment mechanism that you can lock into a position.

This way, you can adjust everything to ensure greatest comfort level, then ensure everything stays into place.

The armrest is adjustable as well.

The chair is easy to assemble and it comes with backup screws and parts in case something goes missing.

The chair is made from bonded leather, but it is rather comfortable because of extra padding it has.

Also, it is really lightweight and you can move it around with ease.

However, it has a weight capacity of only 300 lbs.


  • Several adjustment features
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable


  • Not great weight support
  • Isn’t breathable

7. Furmax High Back Office Chair

Furmax High Back Office Chair


If you’re on a budget but need to get a decent office chair that can support your height and weight,

you should look at this office chair by Furmax.

It costs under $100 bucks, making it the cheapest option on our list.

It’s designed with bonded leather, so despite its price it has a pretty look.

The chair provides great lumbar support, and the armrest is curved for additional comfort.

The tilt tension control can be adjusted, and you can tilt the chair for 20 degrees.

The base is durable, and it has a protection layer on the wheels to ensure your floor isn’t damaged.

Also, the entire chair is breathable, so sweating isn’t an issue.

Sadly, the weight capacity is only 300 lbs, but this is still a great value for the price.


  • Very affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Adjustable height
  • Great lumbar support


  • Not great weight support
  • Not adjustable armrest

Big and Tall Office Chairs – Buyer’s Guide


The taller and heavier you are, the higher the chances are of not being able to find an adequate office chair.

There are several issues that bigger people face when sitting in a chair for a prolonged period of time.

For example, if you are heavier, your body tends to sweat a lot.

At the same time, the chair will need to accommodate the extra weight you have.

Taking all of this into the account, there are several features you need to look for in good big and tall office chairs.

Here are some of the most important ones.


Weight capacity

The most important thing you need to look for in big and tall office chairs is its weight capacity.

If you are among the tallest people in your group of friends, chances are you are also the heaviest one.

A good office chair needs to be able to hold your weight.

We would recommend you look for a chair that has the weight capacity of at least 350 lbs, or even more if your size requires so.

Keep in mind that the chair should have a weight capacity that is at least 50 lbs over your weight, just in case.


Chair height

If you’re tall, you know how many issues you have finding a chair that is comfortable for your height.

If the chair is too short, your legs won’t feel comfortable.

Of course, if you’re short, then the height of the chair could be an issue.

When the chair is too high, your legs won’t touch the ground, and that can cause several other health issues.

The best option would be to get yourself a chair that has an adjustable height.


Tilt and lumber support

If you’re overweight, you know how important back support is.

The backrest should be comfortable enough to provide you with the best possible comfort.

A good lumber support is a great way to ensure there isn’t any pressure on your back.

If the backrest can tilt – even better!

This way, you can stay comfortable even if you aren’t working at the moment.


Adjustable armrests

Armrests are very important if you are looking for good big and tall office chairs. If the armchair isn’t adjustable, the chair might not be able to accommodate people of all sizes. Armrests should be able to be pulled upwards and downwards, as well as inward and outward.


Chair weight

Sadly, most great chairs for big and tall people are very heavy.

This can be a problem if you need to move your chair regularly.

The best chairs have to have smooth rolling casters that enable you to move the chairs around easily.



Ultimately, your budget determines what chair you can afford.

The most affordable option isn’t always the best one.

The same goes for expensive ones. You should find a product with the best value for the price ratio.


Bottom Line


Finding great big and tall office chairs can be an issue.

However, if you look at a few important features, you are sure to find at least a few options that will suit your needs.

A good chair needs to have a great weight capacity,

adjustable armrests, backrests, and height, and its value needs to be worth the price.

Of course, you should keep in mind that each person is an individual.

What works the best for your neighbor might not work as great for you.

You should always take your own needs into the account before spending your money.

=Still, we hope this article helped you make the best decision possible.

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