Best Big And Tall Gaming Chair 500 Lbs Weight Capacity Or More In 2021

It doesn’t take a gamer to know that gaming chairs are one of the most sought after pieces of furniture today.

You can get cozy in them while enjoying your favorite daily activities. Some of them also make great office chairs!

However, if you’re a person of above-average size, you may notice how some furniture pieces aren’t suited for you.

Why is it so hard to find a big and tall gaming chair 500 lbs in weight capacity or more?

Even if you weigh way under 500 lbs, you’ve probably noticed how most chairs simply can’t hold your weight.

If nothing else, it won’t feel comfortable sitting in it! As we’ve been through this struggle,

we have decided to help you by letting you know which is the best big and tall gaming chair 500 lbs.

However, as it’s impossible to talk about just one product, we have compiled a small list.

Here are some items you should check out if you’re looking for a great gaming chair for heavy person.

Big And Tall Gaming Chair 500 Lbs Weight Capacity – Top 5

1. DXRacer Tank TS29

If you’re looking for a high-end big and tall gaming chair 500 lbs in weight capacity, this might be an excellent product for you.

This is a real deal for all gamers who are above average size.

The design makes you feel like you’re in a racing car while remaining comfortable and spacious.

It’s made with a PU leather cover that pairs its outstanding quality.

PU letter is known as it won’t sag, no matter how much you’re sitting on her.

It has an ergonomic design that makes sure you won’t feel discomfort, no matter how long you’re sitting in it.

This is further enhanced with cushioned headrest, footrest, as well as 4D armrests.

Another great feature of this gaming chair for heavy person is that it’s suitable for tall people.

It’s made for people up to 6 feet in height, which is more than standard chairs.

Also, the footrest is designed in such a way that your legs won’t feel squished since there is a lot of space for your tights.


  • Very strong
  • Comfortable
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame


  • Quite expensive

DXRacer Tank TS29


2. Amazon Basics Big & Tall Executive Gaming Chair

This is Amazon’s big and tall gaming chair 500 lbs is great for all heavy gamers.

With it, you can lean and stretch while playing your favorite games and still feel very comfortable.

It has a plethora of additional features that make it very adjustable and suitable for bigger users.

You can adjust the chair to your liking, and every time it will remain supportive and comfortable.

In fact, you can make most adjustments while you’re sitting down, which is a great feature.

For example, the lumbar support is adjusted when you turn a small knob on the side of the chair.

Similarly, you change the height by pressing a lever that is just within your reach.

The only downside of this chair is that the leather cover looks somewhat cheap.

However, it is really durable and scratch-resistant, despite its appearance.

Also, it is straightforward to clean, and hairs won’t stick to it. Overall, this means it will last for a very long time.


  • Almost everything is adjustable
  • Ergonomic design
  • Very wide seat


  • The leather looks and feels cheap

Amazon Basics Big & Tall Executive Gaming Chair


3. US Office Elements Big and Tall Comfort Chair

This is a business-looking executive-style gaming chair for heavy person that is extremely comfortable due to all its padding.

It can hold big and tall users without looking worn-out a little bit.

The design also looks good, no matter if you’re using it in the office or your gaming room.

The thick cushioning prevents you from sinking, and it keeps your back from aching.

Everything has an ergonomic curve, from backrest to armrests.

This big and tall gaming chair 500 lbs in weight capacity will provide you with a luxurious sitting experience at any time.

Also, the seat is very wide – it is said to accommodate even NBA players!

The chair is easy to assemble, but it has some heavy parts, so be prepared.

All necessary tools and components are included in the packaging.

While it doesn’t have any extra features, it is an excellent choice if you want to make your gaming room look classy.


  • Thick cushions
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Lockable backrest reclines


  • Leather isn’t breathable

US Office Elements Big and Tall Comfort Chair


4. Flash Furniture Big & Tall Office Chair

This big and tall gaming chair 500 lbs is made for heavy users who want to keep everything basic yet functional.

The first thing everyone can notice is its backrest made from mesh.

This will dissipate the heat in a very good way, which is an excellent feature if you tend to sweat a lot.

The mesh also makes it easy to see the chair’s ergonomic design. The chair offers prominent lumbar support so that you can forget about back pain.

The firmness of it is adjustable, which is something you can’t usually see in gaming chairs of this price range.

Sadly, you can’t adjust the height of the lumbar area.

On the bright side, you can fold the armrests when you’re not using them.

This allows you to have some extra space on the sides.

As the chair is made for heavy users, the seat is very wide.

The front of it has a waterfall edge to help you sit more comfortably.

Even the widest users can sit in it without feeling discomfort.


  • Adjustable lumbar support
  • Very wide seat
  • Foldable armrests
  • Great for big users


  • Doesn’t look that pretty
  • Lacks neck support

Flash Furniture Big & Tall Office Chair


5. Anda Seat Premium Gaming Chair

This is one of the best products on the market if you’re looking for a durable big and tall gaming chair.

It will last you for a very long time, and it can hold people who are heavier than its recommended maximum weight.

After taking just one glance at the features, it’s easy to see that this chair was designed for heavy users.

It has a wide metal frame, while the upholstery is made from carbon fiber and a tear-proof PVC.

It even has huge external pillows, basically making a second flexible back.

Even tall users will find this very comfortable and pleasing to the back.

While the seat isn’t as wide as that on some other chairs from this list, it’s is very strong, and it won’t sag even after a long time of use.

The high-density cold foam enables this, with pressure support of 65 kg/m3.

The 4D armrests are adjustable, and you can move them in every direction.

Most of the chair comes with a lifetime warranty, which just an additional proof of its quality.


  • Quality build
  • The thick padding won’t easily sag
  • Smooth recline mechanism


  • Too big for short users

Anda Seat Premium Gaming Chair

What to Look for in a Big and Tall Gaming Chair 500 lbs – Buyer’s Guide


When you’re above the average size, finding the furniture that fits you while remaining comfortable may be challenging.

If you weigh over 300 lbs, regular chairs can pinch you or even collapse, and this can seriously hurt you.

A heavy duty gaming chair is a must for every gamer out there who has to spend a lot of time sitting.

Still, it isn’t that easy to find a chair that will fit you. There are several features you need to look for.

Here are the most important ones.


Weight Capacity

Overweight and obese people need to spend additional attention looking for a gaming chair to hold their weight.

If the chair isn’t strong enough, it won’t last for very long, and it very well might hurt you.

It would be best if you always looked for a chair that can hold at least 50 lbs more than you weigh.

Otherwise, you’re risking having to spend money on a new chair very soon.

Backrest Height

Every chair should support your lumbar spine.

An excellent big and tall gaming chair must have an appropriate backrest that can cover your entire upper back and neck.

When you’re tall, the backrest has to be taller than regular ones, or at least adjustable.

To determine the right backrest height for you, you need to measure the length from your waist to your back.

It would also be nice if the backrest is complimented with a headrest for additional comfort and support.

Backrest Width

The width of the backrest depends to your preferences, as it won’t universally impact comfort levels.

Still, it would be best if you looked for a backrest that is at least a few inches wider than your back.

If you’re someone who wriggles a lot, you should look for an even wider backrest than that.


Seat Width

You need to be able to sit on the chair without falling off it, and with some added wriggling space.

To determine what width is appropriate for you, measure your hips’ width, then add two more inches.

This is the least width you should look for. If the seat has an armrest, two inches aren’t enough – add four more, just to be sure.

Armrests sometimes get in the way, and this will make the entire sitting experience very uncomfortable.

Seat Depth

To determine an ideal seat depth, you should get a chair that you can sit comfortably on, with your legs stretching two to four inches from the seat’s edge.

In other words, you should sit uprightly on the chair, with your back against the backrest,

then measure the distance between the part where your low back touches the backrest, all the way to the knee.

Then, subtract two to four inches from that. This number is how deep the seat should be.


If you’re tall, regular chairs probably won’t fit you. You’ll be sitting on them uncomfortably, with your knees too high.

This isn’t a good feeling. On the other hand, regular chairs might make your feet not touch the ground if you’re short.

It would be best if you looked for a chair that can enable you to sit comfortably, with your knees at a 90-degree angle.

Bottom Line

When you sit a lot, a good chair can mean more than just comfort.

With it, you can avoid back pain, joint ache, and you can even prevent some heart diseases!

It isn’t easy to find an excellent big and tall gaming chair 500 lbs in weight capacity in a regular shop, but such products do exist.

Always look for a product that suits you and your size.

Don’t lose hope if the first product you purchase doesn’t fit you – though, we assure you, you can hardly go wrong with any of the products listed above.

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