Best Bed Frame for Heavy Person In 2020

Lying in bed should be the most relaxing part of one’s day.

There is nothing more comfortable than slipping between the sheets and taking a good night’s rest.

However, if you’re on the heavier side, then this might not be the case.

Unless you have found the best bed frame for heavy person, you’re bound to experience some discomfort.

Whether that be a squeaky noise or a rundown mattress, if you don’t find a suitable bed night time can become a nightmare!

This is why you need the best bed frame for heavy person.

A good bed frame for a bigger person is made differently compared to regular ones.

They are more robust and able to carry a bit of extra weight.

So, no matter if you are a bit overweight yourself, your partner is,

or both, make sure to check our list of top 5 best bed frames for heavy person in 2020.


Best Bed Frame for Heavy Person – Top 5 Choices


1. Olee Sleep 18-Inch Tall Heavy Duty Steel Slat


Olee Sleep 18-Inch Tall Heavy Duty Steel Slat

While most bed frames for heavy people look the same, the Olee Sleep bed frame has some unique features that make it stand out from the rest.

One of the first things that stand out is its weight capacity – it can withstand up to 2,000 lbs,

which is good enough for several heavier persons, including a giant mattress.

Also, it has a vast space underneath, which leaves you a lot of space.

The assembly is easy, but it has some ups and downs.

For example, certain parts keep slipping out of their place, which can be annoying.

Luckily, it comes with a five-year warranty, so you are pretty safe.

When it comes to its design, it keeps the mattress from falling down while enabling the best possible support.

This can help you with the sagging of the mattress.

The bed frame is constructed from heavy-duty steel, but the legs are plastic to prevent floor damage.


  • Durable and sturdy heavy-duty steel frame
  • Plastic feet to protect the floor
  • Comes in four sizes: twin, full, queen, and king size
  • Has steel slats for additional support
  • Can hold the weight of up to 2000 lbs.
  • 18-inch tall frame, leaving you with 16.5 inches of empty space
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with all required hardware and tools for installation, as well as a manual
  • Five-year warranty


  • Can hold more weight than many
  • One of the tallest beds out there
  • Won’t squeak or make noise
  • Affordable price
  • Plastic feet are a nice addition


  • You might have some issues with assembly
  • Many customer reviews warn about defects


All in all, this is one of the best bed frames for heavy people out there.

It isn’t perfect, but it can hold a considerable amount of weight, which is excellent in case both you and your partner are on the heavier size.

The big clearance is a good option, as well, as it can add more space to your bedroom.

2. Zinus Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed Frame


Zinus Suzanne Metal and Wood Platform Bed Frame

If you want a bed that won’t make a single noise, Zinus Suzanne Platform Bed Frame might be the right choice for you.

It has an elegant design made from steel and wood to create a perfectly stylish and sturdy combination.

This frame can give your bedroom a contemporary or industrial design that you’ve always wanted.

The bed frame comes in four sizes and has 14 wooden slats that support most mattresses.

While a spring, foam, or latex mattress will do just fine, a box spring mattress might not be the best choice.

The platform of the frame is seven-inches tall, which is about the middle-range.

The king-sized bed has a capacity of 700 lbs. This is more than enough for one overweight person, but it can also be good for two larger people.

The bed is also fairly easy to install, and you could probably complete the setup on your own.


  • Durable construction made from pine wood and steel
  • Comes in four pretty designs
  • Comes in four sizes: twin, full, queen, and king size
  • Twin size has a weight capacity of up to 350lbs, while other sizes can hold up to 750 lbs.
  • Has 14 wooden slats for additional support
  • The dimensions of the bed are 80×75.7×37 inches
  • The height of the platform is 7 inches
  • Comes with all the assembly parts, tools, and manuals for installing
  • Adjustable – you can include or exclude headboard during the assembly
  • Five-year warranty


  • Quick and easy installation
  • Very stylish design
  • Quiet, squeak-free
  • Affordable
  • Durable and strong


  • Weight capacity could be a bit higher
  • Won’t work well with a box spring mattress


Overall, this is a high-quality, good-looking bed frame suitable for one to two overweight people.

While the weight capacity could be a bit bigger, if you’re within it, this might even be the best adjustable bed frame for heavy person.


3. 45MinST 14 Inch Reinforced Platform Bed Frame


45MinST 14 Inch Reinforced Platform Bed Frame

Do you need a bed frame with the most significant weight capacity possible?

The 45MinST Reinforced Platform Bed Frame might be the best choice for you.

It has a fantastic capacity of 3500 lbs, which is definitely more than most, if not all other similarly-priced bed frames.

This can hold an entire family, including a thick, heavy mattress.

The bed has 18 slats with a cushioned gasket, making this bed frame entirely noise-free.

Also, it has nine legs to improve stability.

There is no way this bed will wobble, no matter your weight or movements.

At the same time, the bed is designed to prevent the mattress from slipping.

The entire build of this frame is made to make a long-lasting bed frame and improve the life expectancy of any mattress you use with it.

The frame is high, so space underneath it can be used as a storage space.


  • Durable, stainless-steel construction
  • Dimensions of the bed are 82.4×78.4×14 inches
  • The bottom height of the platform is 12 inches, making it great storage space
  • Comes in three sizes: twin, queen, and king size.
  • Has a weight capacity of up to 3500 lbs.
  • Non-slip design
  • Noise-free and shake-free
  • Has 9 legs for improved stability
  • Comes with all necessary parts and tools for installment, including the manual
  • Five-year warranty


  • Great weight capacity
  • The design prolongs the life of the mattress
  • Additional support
  • Noise-free
  • It is fairly high, so it can help you save space in your bedroom


  • It can be a bit difficult to assemble


This is one of the bed frames with the most prominent weight capacity out there.

While it does take some time and skill to assemble, it’s worth it in the end.

Not to mention that you’ll likely be able to enjoy this product for years to come.

4. Mellow Metal Platform Bed Frame


Mellow Metal Platform Bed Frame

If you love fashion and making your indoors look as cute as possible, then this might be the best bed frame for heavy person you can find.

It has a minimalistic but sturdy design, while remaining durable and noise-free.

The entire structure is constructed with heavy-duty steel that has a gray finish.

Two additional legs in the middle of the frame provide extra stability, giving it a weight capacity of 1000 lbs.

The corners of the frame are rounded, so you don’t hurt yourself if you hit them by accident.

The 11 slats support the mattress, so there isn’t a need to use one with box springs – but you can if you feel like it gives you a better comfort level.

While there is enough space underneath for you to use as storage, it could be a bit more spacious.

Luckily, there is a version of the bed that is 12 inches high, so you can solve this issue in case the storage space is essential for you.


  • Durable, heavy-duty steel construction
  • Weight capacity of 1000
  • Has two additional legs for extra stability
  • 11 slats
  • Comes in four sizes: twin, full, queen, and king size.
  • The dimensions of a king-sized bed are 79.5×75.5×9 inches
  • Corners are rounded to lower the chances of harming yourself
  • Low profile
  • Comes with all necessary parts for assembly, as well as the instruction manual
  • Five-year warranty


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Cute, minimalistic design
  • Lowered corners are a nice addition
  • Comes in two heights, in case you need some extra space underneath
  • Affordable


  • Frame screws are a bit loose


All in all, this is a pretty cute bed frame that can withstand a lot of weight.

If you love ensuring your bedroom is looking good, and you have a bit of that extra weight, then this might be a good bed frame for you.


5. Elegant Home Products Victorian Vintage Style Platform Metal Bed Frame


Elegant Home Products Victorian Vintage Style Platform Metal Bed Frame

Have you dreamed about having a bed that looks like it came out of a movie that can still be high-quality, durable, and stable?

Elegant Home Products’ Victorian Vintage Style bed frame might be the solution.

This product can help you completely transform the look of your bedroom.

It has a reliable and robust steel tubing construction that can hold up to 660 lbs.

The frame has an anti-rust coating that can be in brown or dark grey color.

This makes the bed frame even more long-lasting. It has additional legs and steel slats to provide extra support.

Because of this, you can use it with any kind of mattress you like.

The frame stands 12 inches from the ground, so you’ll have enough space for storage.

The bed comes with an elegant headboard and footboard, giving it a nice, traditional look.

If you’re worried about metal legs scratching your floor – don’t be, as they have an anti-scratch gasket design that will keep your wooden floors safe.


  • Durable, heavy-duty steel tubing construction
  • Has a weight capacity of up to 660 lbs.
  • Comes in two sizes: full and queen size
  • Dimensions of this bed frame are 61.42×84.45×46.46 inches
  • The bottom part is 12 inches from the ground, making it a great storage space
  • Has a powdered finish that makes it rust-resistant
  • Anti-scratch gasket design
  • Comes with an installation kit
  • 1-year warranty


  • Anti-scratch gaskets keep your floors safe
  • Unique design
  • The bed is rather tall, leaving you with plenty of storage space
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Rust-resistant


  • Can be difficult to assembly
  • Is a bit noisier compared to other bed frames we’ve reviewed


This is the best frame for heavy person you can find when it comes to combining aesthetics and functionality.

While it isn’t as noise-proof as some other bed frames, it makes up for it in durability and safety.

Why You Have to Find the Best Bed Frame for Heavy Person


As the years go by, humans have become heavier and heavier.

This is a global phenomenon, and it doesn’t have much to do with where you’re from.

According to the World Health Organization, worldwide obesity has nearly tripled since the ’70s.

In 2019, around 38 million kids under the age of 5 were considered overweight (BMI of 25 to 30) or even obese (BMI over 30).

Just a few years prior, in 2016, statistics have shown that over 1.9 billion adults were overweight.

Out of these, more than 650 million broke the borders of obesity.

In 2018, 39% of adults all across the world were overweight, and out of them, around 13% have become obese.

As you can see, being overweight is something that plagues about a third of the world’s adult population.

This is why more and more manufacturers turn towards creating products for heavier people, and bed frames are no different.

Still, finding the best adjustable bed frame for heavy person isn’t the easiest task.

Heavier people have different needs than averagely sized ones, and their products need to adjust to them.

For example, heavier people likely need memory foam beds instead of soft mattresses that won’t offer them enough support.

On the other hand, memory foam beds aren’t suitable for everyone, as they can leave you feeling like you’re stuck in your bed.

This is why finding the right product for you is so important.

Beds need to be comfortable and supportive of your weight.

As a heavier person, you’ll probably need to look for a dense foam bed, with a mattress that has more pocketed coils than a typical one,

as well as a heavy-duty steel frame that can enable the bed to hold that extra weight.

No one wants their frame bending during night time!

Not to mention that you’ll be paying a sufficient amount of money for your bed frame, so you want it to last for years.

Keep in mind that you should always count in the combined weight of you, your partner, and a bed mattress when looking at a product’s weight limit.

In other words, if a bed frame has a limit of 500 weight, you and your partner have more than 200 lbs.

each this bed frame probably won’t be suitable for you because you also need to add extra 70-100 lbs. for a mattress.

On average, a queen-sized mattress weighs around 70 lbs. while king-sized mattresses have 20 pounds over that, or even more.

In short, the best bed frame for heavy person should:

  • Support your weight, as well as the weight of a person you’re sharing the bed with
  • Support the weight of your mattress
  • Lift the mattress off the ground

Also, your bed shouldn’t sag or bend, and it mustn’t break easily.

You probably don’t want it to make any noise, as well, as this can be annoying not just for you but your neighbors, as well.


How to Pick the Best Bed Frame for Heavier Person – Buyer’s Guide


As you’ve probably guessed, the majority of store-found bed frames are intended for people of average sizes.

Since over a third of the world’s population is overweight, this is a problem.

Of course, manufacturers pander to the general audience, which is fine, but bigger people have different needs.

If you do a quick Google search, you’ll quickly see that your options are rather limited.

You can find mattresses for heavier people quite easily, as they are made of dense, elastic materials as it is.

However, for the bed frames, it becomes rather tricky.

The good news is that you can still find great bed frames even if you weigh 250 lbs. or more, and our reviews above are there to help.

If you still desire to do your own search, you need to know some general features that you’re looking for.

To make things easier for you, we have listed these features below.


Weight Capacity

The most important feature a bed frame for a heavier person needs to have is sufficient weight capacity.

Most average bed frames can withstand up to 500 lbs. of (evenly distributed) weight.

For some overweight people, this is enough. However, if you’re sharing a bed with another heavier person, a bed frame like this one will quickly tear down.

The safest bed frames for heavier people need to have a weight capacity of at least 1000 lbs. As we’ve already mentioned,

you need to include the weight of your mattress in the calculation, as well.

If you have a pet that loves to sleep with you, factor him, too.

In short, anything that can possibly be on the bed needs to be within the capacity of that bed frame.


Additional Legs

Most average bed frames have four or six legs, with a few of them having seven.

The best bed frame for a heavier person needs to have more than that.

Look for beds with seven to nine legs, or even more, to ensure everything will be stable and durable enough for your weight.



Ideally, you’d want to look for a bed that has crisscross slats as they offer the best possible support for your mattress,

but this will limit your options and exclude some of the great bed frames that have horizontal slats only.

If the bed frame you’re considering falls under the second category, make sure the slats are wide enough and that the gaps between them are small.

Otherwise, you might want to add a Bunkie board, so your mattress doesn’t slip through.

Most mattresses require the gaps between slats to be less than four inches. Otherwise, it can start sagging pretty quickly.


Heavy-Duty Construction

The strongest bed frames are constructed entirely of steel.

While this steel can be in the shape of thin rods, this isn’t recommended as it makes them prone to bending.

Some bed frames for heavy people also have wood elements. Still, these are commonly made for aesthetics and don’t have a definite purpose.

If you’re overweight, forget about wooden bed frames.


Extra Support for Heavy Couples

If you and your partner are overweight, this can cause additional issues.

Because of this, you should always look for extra supportive options.

Look for beds that can withstand 1000 lbs. or even more, for beds with 9 legs or more, and similar options.

While they are limiting, nothing will be worth more than relaxing nights of long sleep.


Noise Levels

Even if you’re of average weight, you have probably at least once had the discomfort of lying in a squeaky bed.

If you are on the heavier size, most beds are noisy beds! The extra weight pushes the frame, making it squeak and creak all night long.

If you have a light sleep, or if you move a lot during the night, you might want to consider looking for beds that are marked ‘noise-free’.

This can save you many embarrassing questions in the morning.



A brand name isn’t necessarily a sign of credibility. Still, it can help if you look for reputable companies with a long history of satisfied customers.

Even if a brand is well-known, read customer reviews to ensure that it is famous for all the right reasons.

Unfortunately, many smaller brands usually don’t have a good enough reputation,

so we would advise you to always stick to manufacturers that you have heard positive comments about.

Of course, don’t exclude a good product from your list just because you aren’t certain of a brand’s reputation.

Do a bit of research! Who knows where hidden gems lie.


Easy to Install

Everyone hates having to spend hours trying to assemble mandatory household items.

Some beds require many tools for you to install them, while others can be set up just by using your hands.

Luckily, many beds come with tools included, so you don’t have to spend any additional cash on various hardware.

Despite all of this, some beds might even require an extra pair of hands and even a few hours to install.

Depending on your situation, you have to consider these factors before making a purchase.


Capacity for Storage Space

Beds take a lot of space, especially king-sized ones.

The best adjustable bed frame for heavy person should always have some extra storage space underneath it.

This will make your room seem more spacious and less cluttered.

Even if a bed doesn’t come with drawers, you can use the space underneath it as a storage for boxes, clothes, and similar items if it’s high enough.


Long Warranty

Let’s face it. No matter how good the bed frame is, it will typically wear out quicker than beds of average-sized people if you’re on the heavier side.

This is why an extended warranty is always a bonus, especially if you’ve already had bad experiences.

If nothing else, you’ll sleep soundly knowing that you’ve invested money in a protected purchase.



Let’s face it. Price is the final selling point of any product, and bed frames aren’t any different.

While looking for the cheapest option is never a good idea, you also don’t want to overpay for a product that isn’t worth all that money.

You should always look for the best value for the price.


Don’t Give Up!


Finding the best bed frame for heavy person may seem like a daunting task.

There are many features to consider, while the options are limited.

Not to mention that there is no guarantee that a product would actually be good for you.

Each person is an individual with different needs and preferences, and even the bed frame with the best of reviews might end up not working out for you.

It’s important to never give up on your quest to living a comfortable life.

All of the beds that we’ve listed come with a warranty, so if they end up breaking or not being up to your standards,

you should be able to return them and have a second try, depending on the manufacturer.

A perfect bed for you is somewhere out there, waiting for you to discover it. Stay persistent!


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