Beach Chair for Plus Size

Are you a big sized individual who is a beach lover?

Plus-size people have a challenge in getting the right swimwear and the best chair to suit their program.

Also, heavy people tend to have a stigma of going to the beach and taking part in beach activities.

Well, if you are among them, fret not because we aim at reviving your hope so that you may have the same experience just like others.

The first item among plus-size people is to have the best chair to improve your beaching experience.

The suitable beach chair should have the correct dimensions to enable the user to fit in comfortably.

Furthermore, the same beach chair should be strong enough to handle the user’s weight without the threat of breaking up.

As a heavy person, you ought to take adequate time to find the right beach chair that suits your preferences.

Thankfully, we did extensive research and compiled a list of different items that can meet your expectations.

At the end of the review, you will have more knowledge about selecting a suitable option for you. Let’s begin.

What you need to know 

Using a comfortable beach chair is ideal for enhancing your relaxing mission.

You will find such chairs in various sizes and shapes. It would help if you gauged them by using these parameters:

·       Portability

The right beach chairs for plus size people should be lightweight to enhance the portability aspect.

You only have to fold to a compact design and increase the chances of portability.

Portable heavy duty beach chairs have a back style carrying straps.

Most of the folding chairs are less than 10 pounds. However, other modules may weigh a little bit more.

As such, it becomes easy to carry.

We recommend that the portable beach chair should have a weight that does not exceed 25 pounds.

·       Reclining Positions

Some models can recline to five different positions.

Such a design gives the user a break from sitting to change the position and begin to sunbathe.

Also, reclining chairs have a locking mechanism to control the level of recline.

Another version will come with a flexible locking mechanism.

You will only use a knob to change from one position to the next.

Suppose you have a knee or back issue, you need to consider the height.

·       Storage and Adds-On 

The right chairs should have a storage mechanism to allow the user to store keys, phones, books, water bottles, and more.

Others have built-in bottle holders to ensure that you keep yourself refreshed with your beverages.

Some models have insulated pockets to keep your snacks and drinks cool.

Also, you should choose the beach chair that has a pillow.

You can adjust this pillow around your neck and should and maintain lumbar support.

More importantly, unique models have fold-out towel racks for the user to hang a towel after swimming.

If you find one with an umbrella canopy, then it is just fine.

8 Best Beach Chair Plus Size

1.    Ezcheer Zero Gravity Chair

Ezcheer is fantastic seat that can support up to 420 pounds. This chair measures six by 3 inches.

The good news is that one can alter the length or the chair’s width to accommodate the needs of the user.

Such a chair is suitable for 6.5 feet, but the feet will still be hung on the chair.

Besides, the seat is multi-position adjustable. The user can recline it to different positions using a flexible lock system.

The chair’s design will elevate the legs and lower the pressure on the back.

When you like refreshment, it will not be a big issue as the product features a cup holder where you will be placing phones, drinks, and books.

The presence of headrest assists in supporting your head and lumbar for additional comfort.

As you purchase this beach chair, you get a 24-month warranty.

This warranty supports repair and any replacements.


Ezcheer Zero Gravity Chair


2.    Rio Beach Kahuna Chair

Rio is among the top chair with a 280-pound capacity. It is a perfect chair for heavy people.

This chair for plus size people has an extra-wide seat with a sizeable contoured seat pillow for comfort.

Again, it comes with a zippered storage pouch for securing your belongings like keys and phones.

One notable feature about this chair is you can fold it in five right positions.

For instance, you can lay it in a flat position for all-day tanning. There is a fold-out towel bar for placing your belongings.

There is a swing-out cup holder for placing your beverage cup and other items like a pen and a small notebook.

The package includes a contoured pillow for additional comfort, a larger flip cover, and neck support.

This seat has a height of 9.5 inches to suit tall guys. The buyer gets a one-year warranty.


Rio Beach Kahuna Chair


3.Tommy Bahama Backpack Chair

Tommy Bahama is a wider capacity 300-pound chair capacity that is strong and durable.

Since this backpack chair can recline to four positions, you have the option of settling for the most recline position for you.

Besides, this product has adjustable padded shoulder straps to enable one to carry it easily on the back.

The designer used long-lasting materials on its construction. For instance, it has an aluminum frame and a steel seat.

Besides, it has backrest inserts, hardwood arms, and navy polyester fabric.

This seat is 13 inches off the ground. Precisely, the package comes with a drink holder to place your beverage cup.

Also, it has molded cushioned arms, and a thick cushioned pillow. There is a rear pouch for storage convenience.

The cushioned armrests enhance comfort. The reclining positions support napping, reading, or just relaxing.

Generally, this 8-pound set is lightweight.

Tommy Bahama Backpack Chair

4. LivingXL Portable Oversized Chair

LivingXL portable oversized chair is a great product that has a history of longevity.

The manufacturer made sure that the chair has excellent materials construction.

The frame comes from a heavy-duty 22 mm tubed frame, which is break-resistant.

There is an oversized cup holder on the left armrest.

Similarly, the right armrest has an oversized cup holder plus a lower side mesh pocket for storing other items that you may frequently be using.

Another exciting feature is the high-quality 600 Denier polyester with even padding.

It will distribute the weight across the frame evenly. The fabric is machine washable hence maintenance is easy.

This 500-pound capacity is the best bet for heavy people who want to enjoy beach comfort.

Most importantly, the seat has oversized shatterproof feats, which are essential in providing good traction for extra stability.

Finally, the two-year warranty is on standby as you purchase this seat.

LivingXL Portable Oversized Chair


  1. Coleman Quad Camping Chair

Coleman is an extra-large seat for exceptional stability. It also has large feet to promote further stability.

One unique thing about this seat it has a draining feature that will empty all the collected water from the seat.

Another thing is Coleman has a water-resistant sleeve for protecting your electronic devices.

Typically, it comes with the correct dimensions to support the big sized individuals.

The product can support persons who are up to 600 pounds.

That owes to the sturdy steel frame, which does not break easily.

It will serve you extensively; hence you must appreciate the value of the spent dollar.

Also, the durable synthetic material is soft and padded to ensure maximum comfort to the user.

The left-arm has a cup holder to keep your beverage cups and other small items like a book and a pen.

Finally, attached is a one-year limited warranty.

Coleman Quad Camping Chair


  1. Nice C Beach Camping Chair

Nice C is a breathable and comfortable seat since it comes with a cooling mesh fabric.

The  cushions on the metal arms provide comfort to your arms.

The easy to reach cup holder holds your drinks and keeps your items.

This chair comes with industrial-grade materials: 1000D Oxford polyester mesh and steel frames, which are durable.

The cool thing is the frame is lightweight. It has a carrying case pillow for easy transportation of the chair.

Nice C chair can sustain a weight of 300 pounds comfortably. Also, setting up the process is relatively easy.

You only have to put the frame apart and sit. The cleaning exercise is also simple.

Use clean water and soap—wipe with a towel.

It is a versatile chair which one you can use in different places.

Specifically, it can be at the beach, hiking, camping, or park.


Nice C Beach Camping Chair


  1. Ostrich Chair

If you are looking for the best chair for value, Ostrich will perfectly fit that bill.

It is a heavy-duty chair that manifests in five different colors to select the most appropriate one.

Also, it is an extra-wide seat to accommodate heavy individuals comfortably.

It has five adjustable positions to set it up to match your preferences.

As such, this chair can be suitable for lazing on the beach.

This seat has an arm slot plus a head pillow for resting your head.

The built-in arm openings promote lying on your stomach as you relax and read any good book.

Typically, this is a lightweight seat that measures 9.6 pounds. Furthermore, it has a weight capacity of 325 pounds.

The durable aluminum construction makes it to be last for long.

Also, the cup holder is ideal for holding your beverage cups so that you can enjoy your drinks.


Ostrich Chair


  1. Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair

Tommy Bahama happens to be among the best chair of heavy people.

Since this extra-large chair is durable, it can support a maximum of 300 lbs.

The rustproof frame is long-lasting. It has a wide seat to support different sizes of people.

The armrest has a cup holder to keep your drinks. The storage pouch is convenient for keeping your valuables.

The chair can adjust to five different positions, including laying flat.

Again, the chair has shoulder straps to facilitate easy transportation.

This chair is lightweight at 7.8 pounds. The aluminum construction is durable.

The seat is suitable for use at the park or any beach.

The even padding ensures that you can sit for a longer duration without feeling fatigued.

Since the seat has premium materials, you may go deeper in the pocket to acquire it.

You can still adjust the seat height to suit your needs.

The only disadvantage is the sand may stick in crevices when you use it on the beach.


Tommy Bahama Backpack Cooler Chair


In summary

Best beach chairs for plus size people will manifest in different designs.

It is upon the buyer to select the most reaso9nable option.

Unfortunately, many still debate on the same issue, thereby compromising on the final decisions.

We have been unveiling eight options with unique features to keep you enlightened.

At the end of the, you will know what the best product will look like. If still undecided, why not pick an option from our list?

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