Top rated Back Brace For Overweight

In most cases, overweight or rather obese people will have numerous health issues related to weight.

One of the popular problems with plus-size people is lower back pain thus the need to get a perfect back brace for overweight to solve this problem.

Lower back pain may be a result of overworking yourself, intense exercise and also bad sitting posture.

You should also note that back pain is not only associated with oversized people but its also common in regular-sized people.

Most people ignore back pain and perceive it to be a normal thing which is not good since this can lead to more complications with time.

Whenever you experience back pain whether you are a heavy or regular-sized person you ought to seek some medical check-up.

Wearing back braces is among the best options for fighting back pain recommended by many doctors.

Back braces will also provide you with extra support to handle your excess weight.

It is always a hustle looking for a back brace that well fits an overweight person in the market.

If you are an overweight person and you are tired of looking for back braces that fit you well, then worry no more since this article will provide you with the best back braces for overweight people.

8 Back Braces For Heavy People With Large Waist

  1. Ergodyne – 11108 ProFlex 1600 Back Support Brace, 9″, 4XL

This is a back brace mainly used to help workers who are always lifting materials when working and comes in the size XXXXL.

This back brace will relieve back pain by enhancing the abdominal pressure and moving the stress away from the spine.

It has adjustable and detachable suspenders which will help to keep the belt in place and avoid motion when in use and also to ensure it fits you well.

This brace is made of elastic material to provide the user with firm support when using it.

The presence of an easy-to-use hook and loop closure ensures that the belt is well fastened when in use.

The contoured high-cut front panel makes it comfortable for the user when in motion.

The brace is made using non-conductive polypropylene stays to make it long-lasting.This brace does not show any print on your clothes when wearing it since its of made of a light material.

It also comes with a rubber track webbing that prevents the brace from riding up.

Key Features

  • Elastic body
  • Adjustable and Detachable suspenders
  • Its stays are made of polypropylene and are non-conductive
  • This brace has a rubber track webbing
  • Contoured high-cut front panel.
  1. BraceAbility Lower Back & Spine Pain Brace ( 28″ – 60″ Waist)


This is a popular brace that is mainly used to relieve low back pain, sprains or strains.

This product can fit men and women with a waist between 28-60 Inches and it also contains pull tabs that can be tightened or loosened to achieve the desired fit.

It is also used in the treatment of spinal stenosis, spondylosis, degenerative disc disease, bulging or herniated discs and facet syndrome.

The dual power pulley system helps in reducing lower back motion and also helps in aligning the spinal by providing quality compression and stabilization from your L1 through S1 vertebrae.

This brace is made using a breathable nylon mesh material which makes it comfy and also stays cool when in use.

It comes with easy to use hand loops which initiates an easy wearing and removal process of the brace.

Key Features

  • Dual power pulley to ensure controlled compression
  • Made using a breathable nylon mesh material
  • Easy-to-use hand hoops
  • Can fit men and women with a waist of between 28-60 Inches
  • Pull tabs for a more secure fit.

NeoTech Care Adjustable Double Pull Lumbar Brace/Lower Back Belt, Size XXXL

This is a brace that is commonly used by people mainly involved in manual activities and also strenuous sports and exercises.

It is made of a breathable material that is of high quality and this enables it to be comfortable when in use.

The double compression straps make the brace easy to adjust and also makes it to adjust fully.

The brace comes with crisscross elastic straps that provide extra stability and back support when using it.

The double pull mechanism enables the inner wrap to provide the best possible compression, heat retention and comfort when wearing it.

This brace is light and easy to carry.

Key Features

  • Double pull mechanism
  • Light and easy to carry
  • The straps have the double compression mechanism
  • The material used is breathable.
  1. BraceAbility Industrial Work Back Brace (2XL)

This brace is mainly used to lessen back strains and sprains and also relief existing back or abdominal pain of the user.

It has the ability to fit 48- 56 Inches body circumferences of the users and it’s made using an elastic material.

The double-pull tension straps and flexible posterior stays ensure ideal lumbar compression and support.

This brace comes with removable crisscross suspenders which aid in providing additional support and are also easy to adjust.

It can be worn beneath your clothes since its thin and of a low profile fit.

This belt is ideal for working since it has enough adjustment to ensure your natural movement is not tampered with.

This brace will enable you to do activities such as; construction, landscaping, bricklaying and movers comfortably.

Key Features

  • Comes with Double-pull tension straps
  • Adjustable and detachable suspenders
  • low profile brace
  • The materials used to make this brace are breathable in nature.
  • An adjustable brace to fit all sizes
  • Can be used by both men and women.
  1. MUELLER 64179 Adjustable Back Brace with Removable Pad Fits Waist Size Plus (50-70 waist)

This is back brace mainly used to relieve pain caused by strains, sprains and muscle spasms.

Its main focus is on the lower lumbar to provide it with maximum support when in use.

Additional functions of this back brace include; supporting weak, sore or injured backs, giving the back protective support and reducing unwanted back movements.

This brace is made from natural rubber latex. The adjustable compression play part in ensuring that the brace stay in its correct position when wearing it.

The fact that it is made using breathable fabric, makes the brace so comfortable and a dual-layer wrap-around design.

It comes with a removal lumbar pad that cushions and compresses the lower back to ensure concentrated and maximum support.

This brace has supportive steel springs to give extra stability to the brace when in use and also a built-in plastic shell to prevent bunching or rolling.

The price of this brace is pocket friendly thus ideal for people on a limited budget.

Key Features

  • Adjustable compression
  • Removable lumbar pad
  • Dual-layer design
  • Made using rubber latex
  • Built-in plastic shell
  • Supportive stays
  • pocket-friendly
  1. BraceAbility Plus Size 3XL Bariatric Back Brace (Fits 55″-61″)

This is a brace that is used to relief different kinds of back pain and its also ideal for use to recover after surgery.

It is well structured in a way that it’s able to fit your back and your stomach at the same time. It has orthopaedic back binder tapers which are 10 1/2 inches in the back and 6 inches in the front.

This product is made of a Latex-free, medical-grade elastic and premium-padded panel which helps you to fit your curves well.

The material used is breathable thus providing a light compression which aids in reducing both middle and lower back pain.

This brace can comfortably fit overweight men and women with wide hips and big waists.

The double-pull tension straps provide extra compression of the brace.

It comes with removable aluminium stays which can bend following your body shape to enhance maximum Lumbar spine stability.

Key Features

  • It has double-pull tension straps
  • Uses a breathable material
  • This brace has removable stays made from aluminium
  • It is specially Contoured to ensure a perfect fit for your back and stomach
  • It’s made of Latex-free, medical-grade elastic and premium-padded pannel.
  1. Back Support Lower Back Brace (Size 46”- 52″)

For oversized people looking for a brace to relieve their lower back pain and spine alignment, then this is your sure bet.

It is worn at the navel level.

The material used to make this lower back brace is firm and it does not allow any sweating thus preventing the wearer from any sores or bruces after a long day of wearing it.

The three-layer elastic on the sides provides a wide compression of the brace. The elastic layer allows you to adjust the compression around the back support brace width.

It provides firm support since it contains 6 reinforced plastic bones which are rigid but stretchy in the places needed to be.

This brace can be used by both men and women.

Key Features

  • Made of non-sweating materials
  • Has a wide compression
  • It has the firm support of 6 plastic bones
  • Worn at the navel level
  • Used by both men and women.
  1. Truweo Posture Corrector

A posture corrector will help you regain proper posture which can be useful in preventing the onset of back, neck and shoulder pain.

Having a better alignment will make you look taller and smaller at the same time.

Proper posture is key for all ages from the young to the aged.

A posture corrector is well known for its ability to provide alignment when sitting, standing, lying down and also when doing any other activity.

This brace is unisex and is can fit chest sizes within the range of 30- 43 inches.

It is made of breathable fabric which helps you to stay cool when using it to improve your posture and it’s also flexible and adjustable.

This posture corrector can be worn under your shirt or blouse at work without no one noticing.

For beginners of posture corrector, start by wearing the corrector for 10- 15 minutes a day then progress slowly up to 1 to 2 hours a day.

Key Features

  • Flexible and adjustable
  • 30 to 43 inches of size
  • Made of breathable material
  • Not noticeable under clothes
  • Ideal in regaining proper posture.


This article has provided you with detailed information on the best back braces for overweight people.

The braces discussed above have their different distinct uses and therefore one should choose the one that best suits his or her needs.

This article has also proved many people who think getting a back brace for a heavy person is a hard task wrong.

When purchasing a back brace for an oversized person, one should keep in mind the size of the person, the price of the brace, the quality  of the brace and the function intended to perform.

With this information, you are assured to get the best back brace you desire. Good luck!


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