6 Best Scales That Weigh Over 400 Lbs In 2020

If you’re overweight, you probably know how annoying it is if the scale can’t display your weight.

This is a problem many people face, as most bathroom scales don’t weigh more than 250 lbs.

In fact, finding good scales that weigh over 400 lbs can be quite a tricky task.

Still, it isn’t impossible.

If you’re looking into scales that weigh over 400 lbs, there are several features you need to take into consideration.

This includes not just your weight, but also what you expect from the scale itself.

In the further article, you can find our top six high weight capacity scales,

but also a few information that can help you expand the search.


6 Best Scales That Weigh Over 400 Lbs

1. EatSmart Precision Extra-High Capacity Digital Bathroom Scale


EatSmart Precision Extra-High Capacity Digital Bathroom Scale


With this product, you don’t have to worry about breaking your scale once you step on it,

which is something that tends to happen commonly with most traditional scales.

In fact, EatSmart’s scale can hold the weight of up to 550 lbs!

This is more than most people could ever ask for.

It is made from stainless-steel, with the tempered glass finish.

The entire design is simple and elegant, but very sturdy.

It’s easy to use and it feels rather solid.

The scale comes with a digital screen that can precisely show you your weight.

The numbers will remain on the scale for quite some time even after you’ve stepped off the scale.

This gives you enough time to read your exact weight.

And if you worry about scales that you have problem stepping on – don’t be.

This scale has a wide platform that your entire feet can fit on.

This is surely one of the best scales that weigh over 400 lbs.


  • Great weight capacity
  • Digital screen
  • Wide platform


  • Calibration lasts too long


2. iDOO High Precision Digital Bathroom Weight Scale


iDOO High Precision Digital Bathroom Weight Scale


If you’re looking for good scales that weigh over 400 lbs but also look really pretty,

this model by iDOO might be the right one for you.

It’s designed with the fact that overweight people need specific bariatric scales that work differently than scales for averagely weight people.

This scale can hold the weight of 440 lbs.

It has a tampered glass finish that is designed to look like marble.

Everything is complimented with a big LCD display screen that clearly shows you how much you weigh.

Another well-thought feature of this scale is its rounded edges.

This keeps you from hurting yourself, which is especially important if your kids will use it, as well.

You can adjust the measurements to show either pounds, stone, or kilograms.

This makes it great for people of all preferences.

All in all, this scale not only works well, but also looks stylish and luxurious.

If you’re someone that loves to have pretty interiors and doesn’t want an ugly scale to ruin the looks of their bathroom,

you should definitely check this product out.


  • Beautiful design
  • Shows weight in pounds, stone, or kilograms
  • Large digital display


  • The scale can glitch from time to time


3. My Weight SCMXL700T Talking Bathroom Scale


My Weight SCMXL700T Talking Bathroom Scale



Are you someone that weighs more than 400 lbs, and you struggle finding a scale durable enough?

You should try the My Weight SCMXL700T Talking Bathroom Scale!

This scale can measure the weight of more than 700 lbs. This is more than enough for most people.

This scale has a modern design that will make your bathroom stand out from the rest.

Even the LCD display is black, to go with the overall look of the product.

The platform is extremely wide, and it has dimensions of an impressive 20 x 12 inches.

With a scale that wide, weighing isn’t an issue.

As the product’s name suggests, this scale can read your weight to you.

In fact, the numbers can be read in three different formats.

This makes it a great product for disabled people that can’t read the numbers on their own.

And if this isn’t enough to convince you why is this such a great product – it comes with a 30-year manufacturer warranty!


  • It can read your weight
  • Wide platform
  • 30-year warranty
  • Amazing weight capacity


  • Slightly expensive


4. Health O Meter Digital Chair Scale


Health O Meter Digital Chair Scale



Typically, you need to be standing on a scale in order for it to weigh you.

This is how the weighing procedure has looked like for years.

However, this isn’t ideal for everyone, especially for older or disabled people that simply cannot stand on their own.

This is why Health O Metter designed this chair scale.

This product looks like a wheelchair, and you sit on it like you would on one.

Despite this not being a traditional weighing method, with this product it is equally reliable.

The entire unit is comfortable and you’ll feel like you’re sitting down instead of weighing yourself.

The weight can be shown in both lbs and kilograms, and the reading is incredibly accurate.

If you worry about leaving it on for too long – don’t be, as it has an auto turn-off option.

Chair scales can make you feel luxurious even while checking your weight.

Also, this product has a weight capacity of up to 600 lbs, which should be enough for most obese people.


  • You can weigh yourself while sitting
  • Great weight capacity
  • Auto turn-off feature


  • Doesn’t have a warranty


5. Seca 700 Physician’s Balance Beam Scale with Height Rod


Seca 700 Physician’s Balance Beam Scale with Height Rod


Do you, for any reason, want to measure your height regularly as well as your weight?

Then this scale might be a great option for you.

It has a weight capacity of up to 500 lbs, which is more than most traditional scales.

The base has an anti-slip layer, and you will feel like you are at the physician’s office while using it.

Also, the column can’t be tipped over, which is another fine addition.

This scale is designed to look like scales you’ll find in a physician’s office.

Sadly, this does mean that it doesn’t have a digital display.

Also, this product comes in five different version, and these include scales that show lbs or kilograms,

as well as units with or without a stadiometer and the handle.

As expected from such a product, it has great accuracy and everything is made to be durable.

The scale comes with a 5-year warranty, so you should be able to always get a refund in case something goes awry.


  • Great accuracy
  • High-quality
  • You can measure both height and weight at the same time
  • 5-year warranty


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Doesn’t have a digital screen




6. Health O Meter Digital Wheelchair Scale


Health O Meter Digital Wheelchair Scale


Do you need an extra durable scale that can also hold your wheelchair?

Then this product by Health O Meter might be the product you’re looking for.

This scale is compatible for wheelchairs, and it even has a ramp that will help you climb on top of it.

Not to mention its astonishing weight capacity – it can measure the weight of up to 1000 lbs!

The entire scale is designed with modern technology.

For example, it has a motion sensor that makes everything straightforward to use.

The weight is shown in pounds or kilograms, so you can adjust it to your preferences.

Despite its strength and size, it’s portable and lightweight.

The reading head with a digital display can rotate for 180 degrees,

so if you need help reading your weight, your carrier can read it for you.

Of course, you can also measure your weight while standing on it, and the wheelchair isn’t necessary,

but it’s nice knowing you have additional options, especially if you’re disabled.

The dimensions of the platform are 29.25 x 28.25 x 2.25 inches,

which should be more than enough for most standard wheelchairs.


  • Wheelchair compatible
  • Extreme weight capacity
  • Rotating digital display
  • Lightweight


  • Very expensive


What Is a Bariatric Scale?


As we’ve already mentioned, most regular weight scales can only hold the weights of up to 250 or 300 lbs.

While this is enough for most people that have average weight,

obese or overweight persons won’t be able to use them.

This isn’t fair, as you should be able to weigh yourself without issues, no matter your size.

This is where bariatric scales come into place.

Bariatric scales are scales that weigh over 400 lbs, making them a great choice for overweight people.

They are designed to accommodate the needs of bigger people and to display weight regular scales cannot.

Some of the best bariatric scales can even measure weights of up to 1000 lbs or more!

This is impressive, considering the fact that it’s five times more than regular scales.

This makes them a great option for all overweight and obese people.


Why Do Overweight People Need Special Scales that Weigh Over 400 Lbs?


There are two main reasons why overweight or obese people need to have heavy duty scales.

The first one is fairly logical – regular scales cannot hold their weight.

This renders them completely useless. Even if a traditional scale can show your weight,

it will break very quickly, so investing in one is money wasted.

Regular weighing scales simply weren’t meant to hold bigger people.

Second reason is that most scales won’t even display your weight if you weigh over a certain limit.

Again, this makes them absolutely useless and there’s no point in wasting money on one.

This is why heavier people need special scales that can measure their weight accordingly.


What to Look For In Scales That Weigh Over 400 Lbs?


There are a few features you need to consider before purchasing a good scale for bigger people.

The most important one is, of course, its weight capacity.

If the scale cannot hold or even display your weight, there is no reason why you should purchase it.

Then, you need to look at the size of the platform that you’ll stand on.

Many overweight people also have wider feet that won’t fit onto regular scales.

A platform needs to be large enough so you can stand on it without any issues.

Large number displays and LCD screens are always a bonus, no matter how much you weight.

It would also be nice if the measurements could be written in several formats, such as pounds, stones, or kilograms.

Additional features are always nice to have, as well.

This includes reading out the measurements, wheelchair compatibility,

height measuring, tracking progress, pretty design, and similar.


Bottom Line


Just because you’re overweight doesn’t mean you should lead a life full of limitations.

While weighing isn’t something that you need to do on a regular basis, it is also something that shouldn’t cause you discomfort.

There is no reason why you’d need to go to a doctor’s office just to measure your weight.

This is why you need to get some of scales that weigh over 400 lbs.

A good scale for heavier people needs to be durable and to offer you any additional accommodation you might need.

Also, it should be straightforward to use and to install.

No matter if you’re just curious about your weight or trying to become thinner,

a good scale with the right weight capacity is something every household should have.





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