Bike for a big guy

Who says you can never be cool because of your big size? Or have you ever been told that you can’t ride a bicycle because of your massive size?

If the answer is yes, then I want you to flush out those erroneous beliefs because cycling is for everyone irrespective of weight.

What you need is a big guy bike. Big or fat bikes are bicycles made for tall and heavy people.

They are the remedy for obesity and also represent the emblem of coolness- the ride on which all authority lies.

Have you ever noticed that only the guys with the big bikes rule the hood?

However, one must be careful in selecting a big bike if he doesn’t want to be disgraced while exercising his coolness.

And for this reason, we have researched, read reviews, and have come up with the best big bikes in the market.

Meanwhile, at the end of the articles are guidelines for anyone who wants to buy a big bike.

Do you want to experience a new life of coolness and adventure? If yes, read on!


Mongoose Dolomite 26-Inch Wheels Fat Tire Bike



The first on our list of land-cruiser bikes is the Mongoose Dolomite 26-Inch Wheels Fat Tire Bike. It’s a combination of durability, ruggedness, and comfort.

A suitable bike for people whose weight is above 300lbs. Try this bike, and you will be astounded by how it bears your weight without any sign of rupture or inconveniency.

I told you the truth when I said you are about to explore a new life dimension. And I bet it with you; mountain riding is part of the adventure.

This bike will take you on the journey with its 26ʺ by 4ʺ knobby tires.

No stress, no pain, and you will never get over how this bicycle’s strong steel frame keeps you from drifting away from the narrow rocky terrain.

Another belief to flush out of your mind is that heavy guy bikes always have poor handling.

This bike is ready to blow your mind and delete your previous bad bike experiences with its perfect handling.

Meanwhile, you will ultimately be out of words by the time you try the top speed of its 7-speed gear system. The brake system is another beautiful feature of this bike.



  • Its front, and rear brake are highly-efficient
  • It offers comfortable riding
  • It has a lengthy lifespan
  • The bike is easy to maintain
  • It connotes respect, and you will be getting a lot of heads turning your side, especially from ladies.


  • It’s hard to inflate the tires manually. Electrical and mechanical pumps are the only options.


BEIOU Carbon Fiber 27.5 Mountain Bike


It’s hard to believe that a bike of this size can weigh 23.6 pounds. This bike will mark the lightest big guy’s bike in this review.

The lightweight feature comes as a result of the Toray T800 Carbon Fiber used in its production.

All major components, including the frame, seat post, and handlebars contributing to the bike’s weight, are forged from this carbon fiber material.

Therefore, the bicycle is of little weight compared to others.

The bike is likewise durable. Users speak of its long lifespan and its ability to withstand and overcome challenging terrains.

This bike is the best for your mountain climbing adventures.

Overcoming the high-rises won’t be a problem with its knobby and 27.5-inch Tire.

Besides, you have a strong power hydraulic braking system for stopping while descending at great speed.

The wheels support both gripping and speeding, and you can also count on the Tires to carry your heavy size.

The bike also exhibits some high-performance features that include hidden brake discs, air suspension fork, and 30-speed gearing system.

Meanwhile, Shifting from one speed to another is effortless and comfortable with the Shimano Deore 610 shifter.



  • Lightweight and durable
  • High-performance bike with an effective braking system
  • Suitable for all level of bikers
  • Rugged for all kinds of biking trips
  • Comfortable saddle
  • Not expensive


  • One of the previous users complained that the bike’s body attracts dirt easily
  • There are better forks.


Schwinn 29-inch High Timber Tire Mountain Bike


What comes to your mind when you hear of a bike with high timber wheels? If you want to have a full understanding of what it means, confidently invest in this bike.

The bike is equipped with firm, gripping, and gigantic Tires. With them, you are good to go for all your outdoors and indoors biking lifestyle.

The bikes are affordable, available in different colors, and less costly to maintain.

It remains a perfect birthday gift for your fat or tallboy- Get one for your boy, and you will be grateful for contributing to his happiness.

The suspension fork works incredibly with the Steerer tube to provide comfortable and responsive turning to riders.

No need to press hard on the brake to stop this bike. It uses a braking system of linearly connected front and rear brakes, and each one is made with alloy for quick and powerful stopping.

Don’t doubt its speed. The bike also has a 7-speed gear system with Shimano rear derailleurs. The derailleur will ensure that you shift from one gear to another without stress.

The bicycle frame is designed for longevity. It’s made with strong aluminum material and painted with eye-catching colors for beauty. The pedals are great, and no jamming of legs while on this bike.

Meanwhile, you will be in total control of your bicycle and experience no pain during and after usage.



  • Aesthetic design
  • Durable aluminum frame
  • The bike is a heads turner.


  • The seat is not well-cushioned.


Diamondback Overdrive 29-inch wheel Bicycle


Are you looking for a big bike but of lightweight and looks similar to the regular bikes? Then you should get this product.

The Diamondback bicycle series comes in the same structure but of different sizes.

However, the bicycles in this series got lots of good recommendations and ratings from buyers among all bikes.

The 29-inch wheel bicycle remains people’s favorite. The wheels are strong enough to withstand massive weight, long journey, and challenging terrains.

It can serve you for any purpose. Whether it’s for fun, sport, or workouts, you are good to go with this durable and stylish bike.

The name, Diamondback befit this bike. Its backside is made with strong material to provide the bicycle with strength and longevity. Its front is not left out of its awesomeness.

The front-side is designed to assist in easy maneuvering in all kinds of terrains you find yourself.

This bike is also equipped with an 8-speed Shimano derailleur gear system, sturdy aluminum frame, 100mm Suntour suspension fork. Meanwhile, it’s braking is provided by a reliable Tektro Aries mechanical disc.


  • Durable, stable, and lightweight
  • Strong brake
  • Convenient to ride and offers easy maneuverability
  • It looks exactly like normal bikes. Therefore, you won’t be mocked or discriminated against for using an unusual bike.


  • It has a thin saddle.


Schwinn Protocol 1.0 Men’s Dual Suspension Mountain Bike


The next on our list of top best bikes for big guys is another product from one of the reputable companies in the bike manufacturing business. Schwinn has been in the industry for over a century.

Therefore, buying from them means you’re purchasing confidence, freedom, reliability, durability, and innovation.

The Schwinn Protocol 1.0 bike is a true definition of this company’s vision and mission: to provide memorable biking experiences to all, both men and women, young and old irrespective of their weights.

This particular bike is made for heavy men who loves to ride bicycles and also want to lose some weight in the process.

Sincerely, this bike is a working weight loss therapy for big guys. Meanwhile, its design also supports people of more than 300 pounds of weight. Stability is at the peak with its aluminum triangular-shaped dual suspension frame.

If you want to enjoy this bike, go to the jungle race with your friends. You will be the talk of the town after the adventure.

They will all talk about the wonder in seeing you bounce from one side of the grassy road to another. Its speed is incredible- You have a 24-speed gear system at your disposal.


  • Durable and all-terrain Tires
  • Good braking system
  • 24-speed Shimano trigger shifters with the rear derailleur.


  • A 44.4lbs bike is too heavy.


HUBUISH 750PLUS 48V 1000W Almighty Motor Electric Bike


We won’t end this review without adding an electric bike. The HUBUISH 750PLUS is one of the few bikes for big guys that powers their machines using electrical energy.

The design of this bike is one in a million, and it also comes in different colors. This bike will mark the first and only bike in this review to have a security device.

The Tires of this bike are very thick- 26″ by 4″. It’s very rugged and will withstand travel on any terrain. The bike is suitable for tall and chubby guys. People of regular size can also use it.

It’s powered by a 48V 14.5ah lithium battery- a powerful electrical source. The battery is capable of supplying you with power for a more extended period. Meanwhile, it’s also waterproof.

You are good at cycling in any weather.

There are two ways of charging the battery. You can decide to charge it while it’s intact in the bike’s frame or after it has been removed from the bicycle frame. The speed of this bike is mind-blowing.

With its 27-speed transmission system, you have a lot of speed options at your disposal.

The electric motor makes the riding of this bike enjoyable, stress-free, and pain-free. You can decide to drive this bike using the automatic mode, the torque mechanism, or the pedals.

Meanwhile, you have an excellent braking system for bringing it to an instant halt.


  • It’s faster than the mechanical bikes
  • It’s beautiful and attractive
  • It comes with free mudguards, set of tools, and bicycle pumps
  • 90% of the bike’s components have been preinstalled


  • It’s expensive.

Guides for buying bikes for big and tall guys

Buying fat bikes without having the necessary information might result to regret on the part of the buyer. Not every big bike on the market can serve big and tall guys.

There are many giant bikes out there that can’t even withstand a weight of 200 pounds.

For this reason, you have to equip yourself with the right information before proceeding on buying a fat bike for yourself, friends, or relatives.

The following are the things to consider while buying a fat bike.

  • Frame material

The first thing to consider is the material used in producing the frame of the bike.

Every metal has its tensile strength, and only a few of the metals can resist the pressure imposed by big and tall guys.

It would be best if you bought a bike with aluminum or carbon fiber frames. These two materials are strong, durable, and lightweight.

  • Wheel size and strength

Bike wheels is one of the important things to consider when buying bikes for heavy guys.

You have to get a bike with rugged, big, and thick tires. We are sure that you don’t want those that will rupture or deflate on every use.

Your bike wheels should be made of strong and, if possible, Timber materials. Meanwhile, anything above 19-inch is good for the size.

  • Braking and gearing system

Brake and gear types vary with bike manufacturers. However, you should get one that has both systems perfectly. A fat bike with both front and rear brake is good. Meanwhile, it would be best if you considered those with seven or more speed gearing systems. Advanced Shifters are also necessary- they assist bikers in changing gears quickly.

  • Bike seat

Your bike seat has a lot to say about your comfort during rides. As a big guy, you will want to get a bike with a large seat to accommodate an appreciable part of your buttock.

Meanwhile, tall guys are advised to get bikes with the adjustable seat post. With that, you will be able to change your seat height.

The most important thing is that the seat post must be strong, and much better if it is of the same material as the frame.

  • Handlebars

Narrow handlebars are not suitable for big guys. Consider buying a bike with strong and big handlebars. The reason being that you will be leaning your weight on them while climbing uphill.



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